Monday, January 12, 2009

Must See

I don't necessarily recommend following my suggestions when it comes to TV viewing. I mean, in the last two days I've taken in four solid hours of The Bachelor (it's like, season #82 and I still can't quit...) and my DVR is typically filled with more than one episode of some form of The Real Housewives.

BUT.....I actually have a good recommendation this time: Discovery Channel's Planet Earth. If you haven't seen this show yet, you have to watch it! It came out a few years ago, so I'm probably one of the last people on planet earth (get it? get IT?!) to see it, but we caught part of a TV marathon last night, and it is unreal.The footage is truly amazing. Like, almost make me want to get an HDTV type amazing footage. Almost...

There are eleven episodes, and each one is about a different habitat of the world. We watched "Caves", and half of "Great Plains" (at that point Sigourney Weaver's sweet narration lulled us to sleep), and have a few more episodes saved to watch later. I'm a total documentary geek, but even if you're not, I think the show would still be fascinating. I would tell you more, but it pretty much defies explanation. Truly "must see" tv.


  1. jill got me the dvd set for christmas last year and i LOVED them ... and to be honest I wasn't even that big a fan of 'caves'.

    my fave is 'ice world' b/c of penguins and polar bears, but 'shallow seas' and 'mountains' are pretty good too.

    makes an urban dweller like me more conscious of the other inhabitants of the planet than i might normally think about

  2. We got the dvd last year too - we love it! Matt actually played a clip in church when he was teaching...