Thursday, January 8, 2009


Last night I made Courtney go with me to Mulligan's Sports Bar in West Mifflin. It's your typical sports bar. They have TV's galore and sports memoribilia, but last night they had this:

The guy on the left is Joel Lindsey. He's a profesional musician here in Pittsburgh. He also happens to be my guitar teacher. That's right... my guitar teacher.

You might be saying to yourself, "Dustin, you've been playing guitar for like 10 years, why are you taking lessons now?"

I've always wanted to get better at guitar but I've felt like I got as far as I could on my own. I've never had any lessons before. Everything I know I've picked up along the way of playing on Worship team and playing at Club for Young Life. I can play a tune and sing a little, but I want more. It's a dream of mine to be on a stage, just me and my guitar, rocking out. I did an open mic once and played one song. It was cool, but I only did one song because I didn't feel like I had more in the bank that I could do well.

So back to last night... Joel sees us and he comes over to greet Courtney and me. He then says that I can play a few songs if I want to. What do I do? I get nervous and say, "I don't know... maybe."


I spent the rest of the night listening to Joel and other's play. It was awesome, but all the while I was hoping he would aske me to play again. I wouldn't chicken out a second time.

No such luck. We left after one of Joel's sets when Court was too tired to stay anymore. She was so great. She was ready to leave way earlier than me but stayed at least another 45 minutes. Thanks babe!

Moral of the story... don't be a chicken! Carpe Diem! Go for broke! All those cliche sayings. I was so mad at myself on the way home that I couldn't really think about anything except that I'm a huge loser and a coward. I eventually gave up that line of thought and went to bed. It was still a fun time no matter what. On Wednesday's Mulligan's has $1 burgers. So the night was not a total wash.

The open mic happens every Wednesday. Maybe I'll have a new post next week with an adventurous story. I'm already thinking about what songs I would play. Stay Tuned...


  1. You're not a chicken D. I think you were just being 'thorough' about the situation. You'll be ready the next week, or whenever the next time happens.

    I would love to hear it. Maybe Court has some newfangled camera she could take close-up pics of you with, and maybe, just maybe, even record it and post it for all the viewing audience to love?

    I'll start the West Michigan Dustin Bowden Fan Club.

  2. YOU MY SWEET DUSTIN are just waiting for your moment...and when you are asked next time, you can kinda hem and haw and then blow them away with the amazing talent we hear, every time you pick up the guitar! Remember, you should NEVER give away your talent the first time...always play hard to get, or as my dad would always say...don't live your whole vacation in the first day! Maybe you just need me on the pee-an-ee and we'll do a bit of I'm Yours!! Who could resist that?! xoxox Your"MOM"