Thursday, January 8, 2009

Go together like a horse and carriage...

Normally I would save a post like this for an anniversary or some sort of important marriage milestone (like, anniversary?) but I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about my marriage, and just marriage in general lately, and feel that it’s an important enough topic to warrant a regular everyday-type mention. My mom sent me an article a few months ago (maybe even a year...I save some stuff you wouldn’t believe) and I thought it was really interesting, though slightly depressing in it’s realism. (Check out “The 8 Things No One Tells You About Marriage” here.)

We’ve only been at this whole marriage thing for three years, but I have already learned a few of these lessons the hard way. (And I’m still learning the one about not getting your way...I’ll be lucky if I grasp that before I’m 80!) The thing I think really resonated with me is that it all takes work, and like the commitment, “The effort is a forever thing”. So as part of our forever effort, we’re starting marriage group with a few of our friends. The founding member (whose occasional online thoughts can be read here). attended a “marriage weekend” with his wife and they learned a ton about communication and strengthening your relationship.

Tonight we hope to soak up some of that knowledge! If you’re lucky...I’ll pass on some of the secrets to you!


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  2. We are always so proud of the hard work and dedication you and Dustin put into your marriage and that you always put GOD first. With HIM steering, you can never go adrift. Keep making each other #1. We love you...Mommie and Vern