Friday, January 2, 2009

Worst in Show

My sister-in-law and I were discussing today how we just can't stand people who are good at everything. You know the, good looking, and every time they try something new they are inexplicably instantly talented. She suggested that I might be one of those dreadful people! (flattering yes, but woefully untrue in my eyes). Sure, there may be a lot of things I am good at, (not bragging!) but there are also things I am really, really bad at. One of them is- being brief. I am a talker (I'd like to point out that I come by it honestly...ahem...Stegmayer genes!) and I love to story tell, and relate, but I'm not so good at keeping things short and sweet (unless I am cranky on the phone, which my mother would surely attest to). This translates into my blogging attempts as well. I always sit down to write a short simple post and end up expounding into a novel. Sure, it could be seen as a sign of my passion and endless ideas (uh, I guess...), but sometimes it'd be nice to be able to bang out an entry in less than forty-five minutes. So, in an attempt at being succinct, I present to you Other Things I Am Bad At:
  • Science (mainly biology, chemistry and physics...oh, and geology...and probably the rest of them, but I digress)
  • Mario Kart for Wii
  • Pretending I like things if I don't
  • Pretending I like people if I don't
  • Organization Theory (took the course in college, still don't even know what it is, let alone remembering anything else about it)
  • Regulating my body temperature
  • Baseball
  • Waking up early
  • Being quiet
I'm sure there are more, but perhaps my worst talent is identifying my weaknesses. Wouldn't that be ironic?! So, any areas of skill deficiency you guys want to cop to?


  1. I take that "Stegmayer genes" remark as a supreme compliment!

  2. I remember in pre-school you were bad at sharing. back in the day when we didn't sit in car seats or probably really wear seat belts, my mom would always make me give up the front seat for you on the way to pre-school.

    we're lucky we're still friends 21 years later... other than that, you're perfect.

  3. Am I (the SIL,) supposed to comment on things I think your bad at? or things I think I'm bad at? or things you think I'm bad at? There is that "at" word at the end of the sentence. I'm bad at ignoring that.

    This whole deep conversation started with Courtney getting 100% on Guitar Hero with Jagger. That's where the "Are you great at everything?" comment was stated. 100%.

  4. Dad- I just throw stuff like that in there every once in a while to see if you're paying attention! ;)

    Thanks Suzz...I'm actually still pretty bad at sharing.

  5. i can relate to the not being good at keeping things short and sweet! jut take a look at my latest blog entry....:) - i think people will fall asleep writing it!

    i'm definitely not good at sports, i'm not good at hiding my emotions, i'm not good at reading a book quickly - or reading in general, i'm not good at managing my time, i'm not good at being punctual...
    i could fill up a lot of space here!
    good post courtney - it's always good to reflect on our weaknesses yet remain confident in your strengths!

  6. It was great finally putting a face to your blog...aka meeting you on Sunday! I think it's a great idea to share you're weaknesses and I'm in the same boat as you with keeping things brief. I could write a book in a day if I wanted to! Some things I'm bad at are:
    *time management (I'm always late for everything except for class)
    *getting out of bed in the mornings and going to bed early at night
    *having the mental capacity to play Pokemon with my son (Ugh!)
    *keeping in contact with friends
    *budgeting (and excessive shopping)
    *studying for tests
    *watching surgeries being performed on TV (and I'm supposed to be a nurse!)
    I would keep going, but I don't want to write a book on your blog. Hope to see you again at church!

  7. brevity is one of my weaknesses. i always wish i could blog more but to do that i'd have to keep things short - too hard!
    i am a procrastinator and i'm easily distracted. like sarah i hate to get up and hate to go to bed. this is too easy for me - i am probably one of those who need to think about my strengths because i typically just focus on my weaknesses. oh yeah, guitar hero is neither at the moment - i don't stink or excel at it - i'm somewhere in the middle!