Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A fountain of eternal youth...

Part 2 in a 5 part guide to Cincinnati.

The next stop on the tour is not really a stop at all...it’s encouragement to get going!

To Do:

Cincinnati Museum Center
This is one of my favorite attractions in Cincinnati- it’s one building with five attractions! I love exploring and learning about the architecture of the building (the fountains outside are worth the trip alone!) but my favorite part is the Omnimax. They feature a few films a year, and each one I’ve been to has been spectacular (but I’m a sucker for a documentary).

Krohn Conservatory
When it comes to plants, this place has it all- from a rainforest, (with waterfalls, if I remember correctly) to a desert. It’s a fun place to walk around and explore...especially if the weather isn’t great, as it’s always warm in the greenhouse! There is a ton of history here too, as the site just celebrated its 75th anniversary. Plus, admission is free (can’t beat that!) Also worth checking out is the view- the road leading to the conservatory has some of the best vantage points of the city. If it’s warm enough, park the car and enjoy the sights from the Eden park wall.

Cincinnati Art Museum
Close to the conservatory, the Cincinnati Art Museum is another great place to spend an afternoon. Their collection is extensive, and offers a great mix of styles and genres. Some people think museums are “seen one, seen ‘em all” type places (despite the fact they all have unique collections) but this one is consistently rated highly, and is competitive with the “big name” museums in New York.

Cincinnati Zoo (and Botanical Garden!)
I am biased because I love zoos, but can anyone truly resist the lure of baby animals (or even grown up animals)? The Cincy Zoo is a beautiful place that has tons of fun attractions year round. They’re known for their gardens, and their Zoo Babies event in the spring, but I wouldn’t want to miss the winter fun either- They have penguins! Fun fact: this is the country’s second oldest zoo!

Esquire movie theater
I love the charm of this old theater. They only have a couple of screens, but they show a good mix of current movies, and more underground flicks. They also have some great deals on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with discounted ticket prices and coupons for local restaurants.
(also related: Mariemont Theater)

The Aronoff Center for the Arts
Cincinnati is well know for it’s love of the arts, and The Aronoff is a prime example of how they show it. Currently they’re showing “Frost/Nixon” but they constantly have new events and shows coming to town. Who doesn’t love feeling fancy for an evening and taking in some culture?


Buy food and beer in one stop. Never realized what a convenience this was until we moved. In general, I just love Kroger, and not a day goes by that I don’t miss it (ok, maybe a day, but certainly not a trip to the grocery store)

Now, I originally started compiling this list for a friend’s January visit, so I was focused on winter-friendly locales, but there are a few summer spots that deserve a mention too:

Kings Island
I have memories of this place that date back twenty years. It’s changed a lot in my lifetime (Son of Beast?) but it’s always been a great amusement park, with attractions for everyone. Sure, true roller coaster fans will tell you Cedar Point is better (they’re right), but PKI is still definitely worth a trip!

The Beach
Across the street from Kings Island, this is a wonderful summer spot for fun in the sun. Enjoy the wave pool, or check out the slides. On select nights they even host “Dive-in Movies” where you can catch a flick while wading.


  1. Well aren't you just the sophisticated young society girl? With all the museums, conservatories, center for the arts... I see you in a black dress, blonde hair swept up stylishly, diamond necklace (weelll, maybe diamonique).
    I seem to remember you had something near your freshman dorm called a "ghetto Kroger", no?
    And thanks for not telling the story of the mean old man who tried to make you ride the Vortex when you were still in diapers!
    Just having a little fun with you. I just love your blog -- actually I love your zest for life that comes out in your writings. I look forward to reading it. (Get Dustin to chime in more often!)
    xoxo Daddy

  2. you mean Kroghetto? Definitely not a highlight of Cincinnati!