Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A tower of strength, the rock of truth...

Part 3 in a 5 part guide to Cincinnati.

Next up in our Queen City Tour is a neighborhood guide (this should be used for visits only...I cannot be held responsible for your real estate decisions!)

To Go:
A cute, quiet neighborhood, near our old apartment. Stroll through the old fashioned area and visit their wide range of stores including antique shops, clothing boutiques or modern furniture galleries.
Some favorites:

Hyde Park
An upscale area with plenty of dining and shopping options.
Worth a look:

A blink-and-you’ll-miss-it spot that is worth a look. The main street is a creative’s dream with a multitude of shops carrying crafts, vintage clothes, specialty gifts and stationary.

A place near and dear to my heart, as it is the home of my alma mater (Shout out!). The University of Cincinnati campus has gone through extensive changes over the last decade (I’m sure I wouldn’t recognize much of it now!). In addition to all of the recent upgrades, the school has long been world renowned for their architecture, so even those of us past college age have plenty to seen and learn about on a campus visit. (The school runs special architecture-centered tours for non-students)
But, this area has a lot more to offer than just the school. The surrounding area is full of cute shops, eateries and (of course) dive bars....something for everyone!
More ideas:

Mt. Lookout
Another east side area, centered around an old fashioned “square”. This has with plenty of storefronts and restaurants, all with a fun, independent vibe. Also nearby is a Ault Park, a huge expanse of land with beautiful scenery, and tons of opportunities for recreation.
Check out:
Mt. Lookout tavern (MLT’s)
Ault Park

Mt. Adams
A hip spot in the hills of the city- If you can brave the steep drive up, you’ll be rewarded with amazing views. While it is host to several great shops and restaurants, the true draw here is the multitude of watering holes. This is a favorite stop for twenty-something bar-hoppers. My favorites: Longworth’s and Mt. Adams Pavillion.

This may not always be the most happening part of town (some Saturday afternoons you’re more likely to see tumbleweeds than people), but that’s changing as people discover more fun spots in the heart of the city. Fountain Square was recently remodeled, breathing new life into the area. There are plenty of places to explore here, and frequent events will draw you back time after time.

Last, but not least is a neighborhood that is only part of Cincinnati on a technicality. More accurately part of the “Tri-State area”, Newport, Kentucky is a popular destination for food, drinks, and fun. The main attraction is an outdoor “lifestyle center” type mall that features a movie theater, an aquarium and plenty of stores and restaurants. But there are other gems outside the epicenter, so make sure to venture out past the parking garage walls.

Stop by:

Agree with my suggestions? Do you have a favorite of your own? Spill it!

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