Monday, April 13, 2009

Ultimate Decor Showdown

We've been in our house almost a year now, but we've still got plenty of projects in the works. One that has been going slower than anticipated is the third bedroom. We've got the paint and a bed, and that's where we got stuck. I found a pillow I love, which led me to envision a camel, purple and white color story. I thought we'd pick out a duvet and we'd be in business. Turns out there are about one billion cream/taupe/white duvets/comforters/coverlets and I hate them all. We've looked at too many to count, and even bought a couple, only to bring them home and reject them for one reason or another.
So the other day at Target, while exchanging our most recent failure, I decided to try something different; I just bought every remotely appealing option. I figured rather than prolong the ordeal, it'd be best to just bring them all home, and sort it out. I set them all up, but am still unsure what to choose. So now it's time for you all to get involved.

I present to you......The Ultimate Decor Showdown! You review the choices and select your favorite; I buy it (or I ignore you selection, rending the entire exercise useless....we'll see!)

**Before we start, let me say that the color of the walls doesn't show up well in photos. No, we didn't paint the room black, it's actually a deep purple color similar to this swatch:

Also- We do plan to have a'll be a plain medium tone honey colored wood. Now (finally) on with the choices!

Option 1- aka "As is"

Started with a white sheet set and the floral pillow from Crate and Barrel. Had to have something for guests so we took a brown coverlet from our room and tossed a cream blanket on top. Not exactly gorgeous, but it gets the job done.

Option 2: Tan comforter with white floral pattern

(Ignore the wrinkles....a symptom of the whole "bed in a bag" thing). I thought I was going to hate this one, but that wasn't the point of this search- I had to give it a shot! Up close and personal:

Option 3: White comforter with tan trim
This option and the one previous each come with two pillow shams and a flat bed skirt. Just in case that sways you....

Option 4: Beige coverlet

This might be my favorite, but it is reversible, and the back is black. Not a big fan of that, but maybe it could be ignored? Detail: Styling option (using a scarf as a stand in for the throw I wish I owned). Could be pretty with a flat bed skirt?

Option 5: White Coverlet
I didn't take a detail photo of this one. It's just a plain white coverlet with straight lines of stitching.
So there you have it. Time to vote- may the best bedspread win!
(oh, and if you hate them all, I totally understand. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments...$100 and under would be awesome!)


  1. yo, dude, if you're gonna go purple ya gotta do it right... check it out - go here
    then click on the picture on the right to enlarge... your guest crib will be complete.
    Wanted to put the pic here but didn't know how to get it in this comment box... and that's what's up

  2. I am feeling your pain, Courtney, and am suffering through similar domestic woes. Curtains are what get me! I do well until its time for curtains, and then the whole room falls apart... Celebate small victories - you have a cute pillow to go off of. Take your time and be okay with that - that's what I have the hardest time with. I just want to stop at Bed Bath and Beyond and be all done, but that is usually not to be. Best of luck!

  3. I didn't vote for #6 (voted for #5), but I wanted to pass along a few that might work!! I found you thru Simply Grove.

    I'm obsessed with this one from West Elm. This one from Crate & Barrel is a little wild with the pattern, but the colors would look amazing with your wall paint!

    Keep us updated :)

  4. I like/voted for the one that was the reversible (not saying to reverse it, just the way i remember it). But I did like the dark brown coverelet - what if you got something like that as a throw for the bottom of the bed. And then some various pillows - maybe in a cool pattern/color similar to your scarf. I think adding some fun pillows pillows would look great!

  5. courtney, i love your posts - you are so cute!
    love all of your ideas, love your wall paint...
    i do like the reversible, but i also really like the white. i think it matches your molding/lamp shade, and then you would have the wood floors and the headboard as matching tones... and then i do like the idea of bringing some bolder colors of your pillow (and some more pillows) into the bedding by using a throw. they are all good though - you can't go wrong, just accessorize :)

    (oh, and yes i do have some PW actions, although for some reason i always have to tweak them b/c they don't always end up looking right).
    can't wait to see what you wind up doing with the room! i'll be in your shoes in a few months... :)

  6. Court~my 2 suggestions:
    1. I do love the zebra ensemble suggested by your anonymous french designer! Gets my vote along with Hello Kitty theme~ always a hit!
    2. Have a daughter, wait for her to grow up, and she'll do it for you!! (or at least have suggestions) that buys you....what... about 20 years? By then you'll have a new house! The reversible one is my "serious" vote for now!