Sunday, April 12, 2009

Why, you ask?

I don't want to leave you with a cliff-hanger post, so I present to you the official list of Reasons My Husband is Super Awesome, Mostly All The Time But Especially Yesterday

  1. I awoke late on a Saturday morning to a house full of this:

  2. The last (very well hidden) egg held this:

  3. Despite all the fun, in the afternoon I slipped into an irrational girl funk. He held me as I cried overwhelmed tears, due to various non-crisises like household messes such as this:

  4. He didn't argue with me once when we visited this:

  5. Not even when we realized our car wasn't big enough for this:
  6. Later, he warned me about all the scary parts so I didn't get too terrified watching this:
  7. Because I was too scared to go to sleep, he stayed up with me and watched this:

Love you Dus.

And Happy Easter everyone! (He is risen indeed!)


  1. I love your little collection of nesting dolls. And I love awesome husbands. I hear you about the irrational girl moments and why is Real Housewives so dang addicting?

  2. i love lists like this, so cute :)