Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Good news:
Car's fixed!

Bad news:
This happened...

In case you can't tell....those are forks. Hundreds of forks (oh, and a Kids At Play sign leftover from the previous owners of the house). Who could be responsible for such a deed??

Ah yes...the tell tale "YL". You invite kids into your life and your heart, and they stab your yard with plastic cutlery. Truthfully though, it was hilarious and they really went all out. There are forks in the front yard, knifes in the mailbox....they're in the trees, and all over the car. They line the path out back all the way to the garage...like a runway of gleaming plastic. All told there have to be 1,000 pieces of tableware (they left the empty boxes) wedged in various parts of our landscaping. I think the best part though, is that we were completely surprised. We're hosting a Campaigner breakfast tomorrow, and one of Dustin's guys texted him to offer if he could bring anything..."You want me to bring any cups or forks?" Dustin declined, and he replied "Yeah, you probably got forks for us at your crib." This was a strange response, but nowhere near the weirdest thing this kid has ever said, so we think nothing of it. 30 seconds later....we arrive to the sodded carnage. Oh- and this:

Pwnage. Touché, Scotty. But I shouldn't give him all the credit (or blame). Because there are quite a few proud bandits in an incriminating facebook photo I managed to find....

Guess who's on clean up duty after breakfast?!!

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