Thursday, July 2, 2009

The results are in...

Group Performance Is Brand new day from The Wiz, which they mercifully choose not to turn into a Michael Jackson tribute. The dance is pure pandemoneum, with people running around everywhere. The costumes are a strange mix of the circus + Lion King. And speaking of cats, (kinda?) Deely is a sex kitten tonight- nothing but eyeliner, bed head and a disco nightie. Meow! (wonder what Mia thinks of her....) And the eternal question-how did they all get changed so fast? I think we can put the "performances are pre-recorded" mystery to bed now.

Time for the big reveal....
First up: Vitolio and Carla vs. Evan and Randi. Surprising no one- (ok at least not me)- Evan and Randi are safe.
Next: Jeanette and Brandon. No comparison/stalling
Now it's Kayla and Kupono vs. Melissa and Ade. K&K are headed to the bottom three. Mia is shocked and says she thought their performance was perfection. That takes a bit of the mystery out of who she might vote for later....
Last: Jeanine and Phillip vs. Caitlin and Jason- This seems like an obvious choice- BUT NO! I am beyond surprised to see Jeanine and Phillip in the bottom three. I guess after reading everyone's comments I shouldn't have felt they were untouchable, but they're two of my favorites, so I am sad (but still not worried...)
Mary declares this the closest competition in SYTYCD history. Not sure about all that- does anyone else think they're pushing us just a bit too hard to love this season? Stupid season four, spoiling me with its awesomeness.
So- before they dance their solos, by guesses to go home are Vitolio and Carla. We'll seeee....

Time for the crazy dance spectacle of the week, and it does NOT dissappoint. A girl and a guy- or is it two guys? Or is THAT the girl? Anyway, they give an incredible performance. Shows a different side of ballet- If Melissa and Ade's choreography had this strength mixed with grace I could watch it all night....

On to the solos:
Song: Backbird by Dionne Farris
This is her third time in the bottom. Goodbye carla, 3...2...1...

Song: Here Comes Goodbye by Rascal Flatts
Nice song title- irony much?

Song: Stupid by Sarah McLachlan
She is just great. Quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

Song: Somewhere over teh Rainbow by Israel Klaksflskjsdfkv;owei (or some other Hawaiian thing)
ugh-waving your arms around for thirty seconds doesn't count as a solo. Wave Aloha Kupono. (and by that I mean goodbye!)

Song: Moonlight Sonata from Smart Sleep with Classical (do they give that away with mattress purchases?)
First time we've seen her do contemporary (her style). She called it a blessing in disguise to show off her skills. I loved it.

Song: You'll Find a Way by Santigold (Santigold, like Hansel, is SO hot right now!)
He is just awesome- so unique. Cat was selfishly thankful he had to perform, and I agree.

Judges deliberate- Quick full body shot of Mary- I know Rachel fell in love with her shoes!

Musical performance this week: Kelly Clarkson (SYTYCD + AI: the merging of two reality show titans...I'm pretty sure this kind of thing could tear a hole in the universe. You've been warned.) She's actually singing live, which is good, but I'm not sure I agree with her deciion to let a mail man play guitar in her band. My mom says Kelly looks like a girl from teh state fair. When questioned, she clarifies- "You know, stringy hair, kinda slutty. Why would her agent let her out looking like that?" Bravo mom. Snarky, while still managing to resist the obvious fat joke. We should get her a spot in the rotation.

Results time:
Girls- unanimous decision. Jeanine, you're the strongest of the evening, Kayla, you're the judge's and choreographer's favorite, and Carla....don't let the door hit you in the leotard on your way out.
Guys- unanimous decision. Phillip, you're unique, but we have to say somethign challenging to you so it doesn't seem unfair, Vitolio, we're just going to ramble some stuff about stage decide if it's good or bad, Kupono, you're WEAK. Like really bad. But don't worry! We have no sense! Or coherent standards! So Vitolio goes home! what??

So there you have it guys and tell me- were you surprised? Delighted? Annoyed that Asuka keeps slutting up the audience week after week? Let me hear it!


  1. Not surprised at all by who left. Definitely surprised that Kayla and Kupono were in the bottom three and not Jason and Caitlin (finally spelling her name right).
    While I agree that Kupono's solos stink (I liked Nigel's comment that it's not SYTYC Choreograph) I didn't think Vitolio's was any better. Overall Kupono has done really good with 3 out of his 4 performances. I think he's the opposite of Jason who does awesome solos and not that good peformances (IMO of course). So I'll still be the lone fan of his and think he still deserves to be there.

    I actually thought Karla's solo was better than Kayla's, but I was fine with Karla leaving - I never really connected with her.

    Next week is significant b/c it's the dancers who go on tour. There's no couple obviously in the bottom like this week. Should be interesting....

  2. Oh Courtney! You (and your mom) crack me up! And let's be clear...Kelly is the same size now as she was when she won A.I. That's what I heard her say in a recent interview. So keep your fat jokes to a minimum, ya know..none of this "2 bull dogs fighting under a blanket" stuff or "If the camera adds 10 pounds, how many camera's are on her?"...It's beneath us as a sisterhood. I would much rather pick apart her skill as a song writer. Anyhow...

    Cat is one hot mama! And I do love me some shoes! I strangely could not take my eyes off the featured dancers! Holy cow! The woman makes Melissa look like a weak child! But her lines were soooo sharp and the man's loin cloth was soooo small.

    We so knew that Karla was out. After the performance show, she looked like she knew it, too. I was kinda disturbed that they kept Kuporno over Vitolio...but I didn't love Vitolio either. No love lost here!

    Great job, Courtney!

  3. not surprised. great recap. you so funny, courtney! I'll work backwards... middle to end to beginning, totally stream of consciousness here...

    I was saddened to watch Kelly sing looking like that. she's a train wreck, kinda like jon and kate. ugh. i know she can sing and I want her to be the best kelly singing!

    I found it funny to see what vitolio danced to... reminded me of AI, it always seemed that the one going home sang a song about leaving/good-bye/sadness....

    as far as the ballerinas... i liked it much, yes i did! gosh I just love strong bodies and that amazing position she held in the beginning 'en pointe' (did I use that correctly, there, renee?)- holy bleeding toes and shaky thighs (imagining that's how she felt after/during)!!! loved that.

    HATING THE CAMERAS on the opening dance. Just one or two shots, PUH-LEASE. I cannot enjoy these numbers what with the cameras and the crazy strobe lighting. I'm sure it was really good... BUT, I could barely enjoy me some Tyce Diorio choreog with all the chaos.
    liked the costumes- fun!

    loved Cat's shirt/dress. man she looks great!

    are we all members of the "i love cat deely" fan club? who's the prez?

  4. I had to share this with the sisterhood. I just saw via Nigel's twitter that Heidi and Travis redanced the bench dance from season 2. It is definitely one of my all time favs. I am excited about other ones they might bring back!

  5. oh, i loved me some of that ballet halfway through the show!! yeah, that's definitely the kind of ballet i could watch all night too. such strength! yuppers crafty, you used "en pointe" correctly - oh so proud :)
    the 2 dancers reminded me a little of the Alvin Ailey dance company that i PRAY will perform at some point soon. it is a blessing to see them - they're unbelievable.

    so.... i'm a little disturbed that Kupono is staying, but not completely. i've been in the middle with him. his solo was just awful. while it's not SYTYC choreograph, still... if they are dancing "for their lives" they need to do so!! It was still time for Vitolio to go i guess...

    loved jeanine's solo! she was amazing! good job court!