Thursday, August 6, 2009

And the envelope please....

It's here America!! 3,500 screaming fans are ready for the Season 5 Finale at the PACKED Kodak theater (ok ok, I'll find a new bit for tonight...even if they don't.)

Let's waste no time- First up is a performance by the Top 20 (I assume that's who it's a crap ton of them, I can tell you that) Song: Brand New Day from The Wiz
It's a rehash of a previous routine (I sense a lot of that is on the way)...culminating in the introduction of the top four. Based on applause alone for this part alone, I predict the win is for Jeanine. We'll know in two short hours (ugh).

For those of you into stats (*cough*my husband*cough*) there were 21.6 million votes last night. And for those of you into prizes (*cough*me*cough*)- The winner receives $250,000 and their picture on the cover of Dance Spirit Magazine. (THE Dance Spirit Magazine!)

Seven "judges" tonight: Lil C, Mia Michaels, Tyce Diorio, Debbie Allen, Adam Shankman, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe (the rest of the choreographers are in the audience...not sure why Nappy Tab didn't get a spot on the panel- they were good enough to judge auditions!)

Recap of the auditions (where it all began!). This just showed how quickly I forget people. Pretty much anyone they showed that didn't make the top four I was like "Oh yeah...they were on the show." Good luck with your dance careers folks!

Tonight, instead of new dances (heaven forbid), the judges choose their favorite routines from this season. (And in keeping with the low level conspiracy that is SYTYCD, I think I should point out that it's really less "picking their favorites" and more "saying whatever the producers told them to" in order to show range of styles, performers and choreographers. Otherwise it would be all contemporary by Mia and Wade danced by Jeanine with Jason Mraz in the background. Obviously.)

Adam's pick: Hip Hop by Nappy Tab
Dancers: Jeanine and Phillip. Song: Mad by Ne-yo
Love it. The part where they curl up at the end is just too cute (is Jason watching in the wings ready to punch Phil for touching his girl?)

Nigel's pick: Argentine Tango by some people whose names I won't try to type.
Dancers: Jeanette and Brandon. Song: Libertango from Forever Tango
To me, it wasn't as good as last time, but either way it is a travesty that she was kicked off the show before the finals. I suppose I can blame myself for not voting for her. Or for anyone, ever. Oh well.

Debbie's pick: Waltz by Louis van Amstel
Dancers: Asuka and Vitolio. Together again at last, am I right? Song: Dreams are More Precious by Enya. I refuse to comment on these two. Moving on!.

Mary's pick: Contemporary by Travis Wahl
Dancers: Jeanine and Jason. Song: If It Kills Me by Jason Mraz.
No one can forget the kiss they shared last time. Cat thinks they're going to do it again tonight. I think they're going to do it again tonight.

They cheer for their favorite of the top four again: Again, clear margin for Jeanine. Why don't you just tell me already!

Mia's pick: Samba by Louis van Amstel
Dancers: Max and Kayla. Song: Jum Bah Day by House of Gypsies
I always kind of thought Kayla looked like a slutty bird. This routine (and costume) explained why.

Now it's time for a promo for Fame disguised as a surprise outing for the finalists. The movie looks great but Kherington really needs some eyebrow work if she's going to be a Hollywood star.

Debbie gets another pick? We're gonna be here all night. Hip Hop+Samba by Demetri+Napoleon Dancers: Top 16. Song: I know you want me (Calle Ocho) by Pittbull
Some people will be watching this for the first time because they covered their eyes the first time around (you know who you are). I think Debbie said it best, "Child, Shut up, Flashdance!Child. Throw some water on it, get me some water!"

Special guest star:
SYTYCD Australia Winner Talia Fowler
Choreographed by Sonya Tayek. Song: Shot You Down by Audio Bullys.
Cool routine. Very quirky and Sonya-y. At the very least I love her taste in music.

Lil C's pick: Jai Ho by ummm, that Indian choreographer? (I know, I know, I'm so prejudice. But maybe tell him to learn something other than Bollywood and I'll stop stereotyping!)
Dancers: Caitlin and Jason. Song: Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire
Again- not as great as last time. I feel like the contestants are mailing it in a bit. They know there's nothing on the line anymore, so they aren't approaching it with the same passion. (oh, and I don't even know how many "word of the day" references 'C tried to jam into his introduction. I really just want to punch him in the mouth.)

FINALLY it's time to get down to business. 4th place announcement....
I think Evan is the first to go, based on the fact he's already dressed to collect free food at the soup kitchen. Hello unemployment!
Nope. It's KAYLA! Surprised? I supposed that's what you get for turning a beaded yarmulke into a bra top. (seriously what's with the outfits this week? Pull it together.)

Adam's 2nd pick: Contemporary by Mia Michaels.
Dancers: Randi and Evan. Song Koop Island blues Koop featuring Ane Brune
I know it's not every one's favorite....BUTT...I loved it! (see what I did there?)

Mary's 2nd pick: Paso doble by Louis van Amstel
Dancers: Jeanine and Br...Wait, I'm not typing all this again. We just saw this yesterday! What is this, Best Week Ever?

Time for 3rd Place. You can't pick them as a favorite and then send one home can you? No sir, you cannot. We'll see ya Evan. (on the tour!-plug, plug-tour plug go!)

Nigel's pick: Contemporary by Mia Michaels.
Dancers: Kayla and Kupono. Song: Gravity by Sarah Bareilles
One of my favorites this season. Seeing it again, I was struck by how touching and sensitive the song is for such a serious subject. That Mia is deep I tell you. Awww, and then everyone cried. Just brilliant.

Special guest stars: Rage Boyz Crew
Choreographed by Tiffany Burton. Song: Feel It by Colby O'Donis and Mauli B.
I mean, I love Will Smith's son as much as anyone, but someone tell him to work on his lip synching skills, huh? I don't care if he is five. Oh, my mistake- apparently he's "theven" and needs to work on his back handspring skills.

Tyce's pick: Disco by Doriana Sanchez.
Dancers: Jeannette and Brandon. Song: Love is Really My Game by Brainstorm.
I'm pretty sure Tyce said he used to "whack" to this when he was twelve. Aw, inappropriate!

Mia's 2nd pick: Contemporary by Tyce Diorio
Dancers: Melissa and Ade. Song: This Woman's Work by Maxwell
we knew someone would pick this, but it really was a powerful and beautiful piece. Plus- the person it was choreographed for is now cancer free. And THEN they showed Christina Applegate and someone at the Bowden household teared up...and I'm not talking about myself....

Special Performance:
Broadway by Mia Michaels.
Dancers: Top 8. Song: One from A Chorus Line
It's "special" because the judges come out a the end and perform with the contestants. It's pretty fun to see them up there, and they ham it up and have a good time. But then the bowing milked it for FAR more than it's worth. You take a couple steps, tip your hat to the audience and expect a standing ovation? I don't think so, Katie Homes.

Time to face the's down to Brandon and Jeanine. (or, the two with the thick necks, as Stella so accurately put it). Brandon was somehow misinformed, as he seems dressed for date at the mall food court but again, anytime he wears pant AND a shirt, it's pretty much a win. I'm not sure who's standing next to him. It sort of looks like Jeanine, but her bellybutton's not showing, so I can't be sure.

Results time......
America's Favorite Dancer is Jeanine!
Good for her. She's clearly surprised (probably mostly due to the lack of's really kind of anti-climactic with out that.) WAIT! They pulled through with it at the end. NOW we have a winner. Congratulations Jeanine!!

Thanks for a great season sisters and fans. Chat it up, and then we'll see you again (very very) soon!


  1. Hilarious again Courtney. I think it took me longer to read your recap than actually watch the finale! ;) I love you and your recaps!

    I was getting worried they wouldn't pick the Addiction piece which was my glad to finally see it. Some of the others I could have done with out - the Oska/Vitolio waltz, huh, really? And the Pase Doble again? I would have rather seen Ruby Blue (or Blue Ruby?) by Wade with Brandon and Janette than the disco routine with them.

    I felt bad that Evan had to go out while wearing his Butt routine costume.

    Love Calle Oche - I made that my rington the day after it was on the first time so it was nice to hear the full version of it rather than 10 sec snippets. That was my fav group routine.

    I love Christina Applegate, but they filmed her for a uncomfortable length of time - I guess she's used to that. I would have wanted to kick the camera guy.

    Tonight I voted for the first time all season, just so if my person one I could say I helped...and yay for me, Jeanine won!!

    (BTW Loved Stella's comment about the thick necked girl and guy.)

    I'm sleepy, I'll check back in tomorrow to see what everyone else has to say.

    Courtney thanks for getting this traveling blog together - so much fun!

  2. a great finale and great finale recap by courtney!

    happy with jeanine winning! yeah, she definitely has a thick neck and i will be shallow to say that kayla is more attractive to the eyes - I really think kayla should not have gotten 4th place! 3rd,2nd, and of course even 1st... she's really amazing and just LOVED that addiction piece even more than the 1st time i saw it.... so glad they brought that back. megs, me too - wished they brought back jeanette and brandon's criminal piece by wade (LOVED that one) rather than the disco, and actually said that to jon while the disco was going on. i was also hoping "battlefield" would be done - brandon and jeanine were awesome in that.

    uh yeah, choreographers, what was that little performance?! i mean, don't get me wrong, it was awesome that they did that... but they should have done more than just 6 counts of music!

    loved the "you know you want me" hot little number (did you cover your eyes rachael or watch? :))
    you may all hate me, but i actually thought vitolio and asuka's waltz was really pretty tonight...

    loved the jason mraz piece - anyone see jason go in for an extra bit of kissing? great great piece...
    loved the BUTT piece, loved the breast cancer piece...

    yeah, that confetti was a bit delayed!

    congrats to jeanine, congrats to the top 4 - they are all amazing.
    had sooooo much fun with you sisters... you are all wonderful and glad we got to share our thoughts on the wonderful world of dance!!!! :)

  3. i've gotta say, i loved the finale. i liked seeing some of my favorite routines from the season. that addiction piece can really mess a person up. and my favorite, of course, is the butt one. this might not have been the best performance of it, but it's just so darn fun.

    i was wondering if the judges "favorites" were fed to them by producers, too. somehow they didn't seem to match up. but we did get variety which makes for a better show, i guess.

    was definitely disappointed to see Kayla go first. she was a favorite of mine. but i think they got the order of the rest right. Jeanine had a great season and probably best represented the idea of someone who grew threw the show. and besides, she seems fun. thick neck and all. i'd hang out with her.

    but only if Courtney came along, bc what if there were pauses in conversation, etc. how awkward.... we'd need someone to break the ice and make us laugh. :)

    ps - i'm not watching or typing this from a hospital room while breathing wildly. still no baby. at least i wasn't distracted by labor, though.

  4. I totally meant to comment about how awesome it is that Karen (Stella) was hoping she'd go into labor tonight or last night so she'd be disctracted by the show! I love that you're so into it. I would also love to be there to hear Jim's comments when he watching. For SOME reason I imagine they would be entertaining.

  5. YEaH! for Jeanine and YEAH for me finally spelling her name correctly!

    Funny how J and Cat were dressed up for the occasion and Brandon was totally dressed for.... nothing, I mean, what was that outfit, Brandon?

    Loved the "BUTT" dance, one of my faves. Addiction, too. Missed Battlefield, though. LOVED the Jason Mraz song with J&J- so are they dating or what?

    I thought the bowing of the choreog's was ridunculous. yeah. seriously. And they could have at least had Katie Holmes waltz out on that red carpet on the 100th show. oh alright, I'll stop commenting on that.

    Calle Ocho was hot and fun and I retract my soft porn comment from after that show the last time. HOWEVER, how did they pull off the water trick... seriously?

    missed Christina A. I guess I was fast forwarding to find out the winner!

    Can the producers of SYTYCD get some transcripts of our dialogue b/c if so, I'd like them to jazz up the presentation of "America's Favorite Dancer" a bit. It was rather anti-climactic for Jeanine. No music, no confetti right away, no rushing of the stage and Jason laying one on her... So, producers, can you work on that for season 6? I'm so excited for it to begin, YES I AM!

    ps. WIll Paula be a JUDGE??????

  6. Courtney - You are the master re-capper! Love it!

    I think Jason wanted to do more than kiss Jeanine at the end of their piece! I agree with Crafty P...can we get a dating clarification, please? Courtney told me he was "playing for the other team", but she tells me that about a lot of people to see if I'll embarrass myself in public.

    Why, oh why was Lil' C NOT included in the judges walk on stage? Is he too cool? Did he get distracted by a thesaurus carelessly discarded back stage?

    Kinda though Cat was wearing one of those wrap around towel thingys at first...but she looked good wearing it! Yes, she did!

    LOVED the addiction piece, cancer piece, Nappy Tabs piece. Fast forwarded through the waltz and the Rage Boyz. I, too, would have liked to see the Battlefield piece.

    As the credits rolled, you could read that some of the performances (i.e. the one with the water) was that answers that mystery.

    Congratulations Jeanine!!! Good season, girls! Same time, same place?