Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Treasury of Terms

This weekend, on my way to return one book to the library, I stumbled upon a garage sale and found another book that just had to become part of my permanent collection:

It's a "Junior Thesaurus", and though you can see it's not in perfect condition, it is from 1967. And at only 25 cents, it was a steal!

The art is beautiful (or shall I say: pretty, handsome, fair, lovely, graceful, gorgeous, exquisite!) Every page has the cutest little illustrations and charming typography. Though we're a good decade away from having any "junior readers" for this "junior thesaurus", I've always wanted a book themed nursery (with a mix of vintage stories, retro illustrations and new favorites), so I couldn't pass this up.

For each word (there are 300 included) there is a definition, examples of how to use it, and suggestions for alternatives. It's a really special piece; a stunning example of the joys of literature, graphic design and history, all wrapped up in a funky green cover. I don't just love it...I downright ADORE it.

"Whoever learns to use words well can use them
as precisely as a surgeon uses a scalpel,
as delicately as a musician uses a violin.
And as powerfully as a warrior ever used a sword."
-In Other Words...

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  1. dang. I want that book like yesterday. Although Megan can't really read that one either. But maybe 2-3 years from now, I will steal it ... be forewarned.

    And, I HOPE you pull off the nursery theme. I wanted a "book" like nursery too but couldn't figure out how to pull it off ... however your skillz are far greater than mine, so I've already started my envy.