Sunday, August 16, 2009

UPDATE: Bowden's Got Talent

I know that many of you are on the edge of your seats wondering what we did in the talent show.

Did we sing a duet?

Did we perform a Young Life skit?

Did Dustin play the banjo?

Um... no. We did none of the above. We bailed. Don't judge us, it was the right thing to do.

When we initially went to Claire's house and heard that she was having trouble signing acts to the talent show, we figured that there would be exactly six people there. So after a lot of talk and planning, we decided to go with a Young Life skit.

The yo-yo.

The what?

The yo-yo.

The what?

The yo-yo.


We practiced... we argued a little... we didn't speak to each other for a bit... we argued again, and then we practiced some more. We were confident in what we could do, it's desired comedic affect, and it's commitment to actual "talent." Certainly, no one could confuse us with someone with real talent. It would just be fun and hopefully funny for all.

As we walked to Claire's house, Courtney started to panic.

"Oh my gosh...what if this is horrible? I don't want to go now. My stomach hurts. Let's not do this"

Too late. We were already seen by a neighbor. No choice but to press on. As we got closer to Claire's house it became apparent that this event was REALLY kid centered. As in, there were more kids than adults. It kind of looked like this:

Well... it kind of looked like that, minus Arnold's awesomeness. Once we saw that the average age was 8.48 years old, we decided that there was no way we were going to perform. Our host, Liz (Claire's mom) encouraged us to show off our talent, but understood that it was really a kid thing and said we didn't have to perform at all.

So instead, we met a bunch of our lovely neighbors. It was pretty cool. Prior to the event, we only knew our neighbors on either side of us and the ones directly across from us. So it was nice to meet some more people on the block. It made the neighborhood seem smaller to me and more like a community. We were invited to spend Halloween with our new friends, and I think we might take them up on it!

We also met a few kids. Specifically, we met Anya and her sister Mara. After brief introductions, Anya was our new best friend. As in, Courtney said hello and then 5 minutes later Anya was hugging her... unprovoked. Anya and I played the "give me five, way up high, way down low, you're to slow" game so many times that I thought we might perform it in the talent show together. (I let her win 4 out of 5 times just to keep it real)

All in all, I had fun. The talent show was a riot! Performances included:

A duet from the musical Wicked.
A choreographed dance... sort of like this.
Some Tang Soo Do forms.
A lip sync from High School Musical.
Irish Folk Dancing.

Clearly, we were out of our league and we made a good choice in not taking part in the show. Claire was our host and she was down right hilarious. She introduced everybody, and when they were finished she would say things like "wasn't she great?!" "Give her a hand one more time!" "I can't bend like that, I would break my back!"

Awesome. Hilarious! I'm still totally convinced that I am not ready for kids yet, but also convinced that when I am, they will be a lot of fun!

So that's it. I'm sure some of you wanted to see video of Courtney and me performing Mr. Big's "To Be With You", but you can go here to get your fix instead.

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  1. Don't ask me how/why I found this post at 12:30am? But how in the world did The World let this beauty slip by without a comment? This is memory gold people. So glad you made it out of Claire's with your dignity - although with your talent, I'm not even sure that was really ever at risk. And in case you were wondering. I'm going to bed now.