Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bowdens Go West: The Grand Canyon

We rose bright and early on Sunday morning- partly because we were still on East Coast Time, partly because it's crazy sunny in Phoenix, but mostly because we had to get on the road! We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with my aunt and uncle in their outdoor dining terrace (yeah, that's right!) and then it was off to The Grand Canyon! Dustin was given the honors of recording the highlights:
click to enlarge....
...and with his handwriting, you'll need to!

Bowdens Go West- Grand Canyon


  1. Wow!!! LOVE, love, love all the pictures! Did you find any stray Brady Bunch kids while you were there? Did you go to the bottom of the canyon? Do they do that? such a great trip!

  2. No bottom of the canyon. It's a HIKE! We didn't have that kind of time...or endurance!