Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Quick break from the vacation's time to DANCE! (Dance, dance, dance.)
Last week, Rachel kicked off the 'Sisterhood', and based on her recap alone I agree with Cat Deely that this is "shaping up to be the biggest and best season EVER!" Seriously, the bar is set high- Rachel brought the funny, AND kept it succinct. And then the new kid on the blog-block, Brian, had to be all clever in the comments....who invited that guy?

But tonight Cat is looking good, Mia's here to judge, and auditions are in Phoenix. I feel right at home! Let's do it....

Bizarro Rob and Big are up first: otherwise known as Biggie and Shorty. Fun to watch, but Nigel's right that it was more of a "wobble", than a pop&lock.

Then in true SYTYCD audition tradition- it's time for some good old fashioned Tragedy Overcomers. Allison Becker is a contemporary dancer who is also hearing impaired. She's pretty much all muscles and a smile. Nigel talks to her in his "dealing with foreigners voice", meaning he Yells. Real. Slow. She's deaf, not an idiot. Mary cries. Mia refuses to cry (but totally wants to). The other adversity facers are "same sex dancers". We've been down this road before, and Nigel needs to redeem himself from his comments last year- or at least stay out of trouble....and NOW Mia cries.

Not a lot to say about this week. There's a few contemporary folks that got through, but the theme is clearly Weirdos, so there's a longer list of bad dancers than I typically enjoy. I don't even know what to say about the Disco/Bollywood/Baton/Cheerleader. And then there's a spunky young thing they (appropriately) call "Dancing fool"- His spasms "earn" him a very forced, very mandatory standing ovation from the other contestants. And finally there's the montage parade of kooks, including a contortionist, Tranny-Beyonce, couple of demon hosts and a case of the hiccups. Not exactly history in the making.

What this edition does have, is some good indie girl music. We get not one, TWO songs by Adele(who is at the top of my Artists I Didn't Know I Loved list): "First Love" and "Make You Feel My Love". Also in the mix is an Ingrid Michaelson cover of "Can't Help Falling in Love".

Rounding out this week is b-boy Jonathan "Legacy" Perez. He spins like a top all over the stage, and causes Mia to take a page from Lil' C's thesaurus, calling him stupid (comma "real stupid") and disgusting. Meaning she loves him.

So there you go. Sure, we got some classic SYTYCD formulas and hijinks, but I honestly believe this season's talent and personality could far surpass last season (which you may recall was the BEST. SEASON. EVER. At the Kodak!!!!). Next week-is Bawstun, hosted by the lovely Megan. But now....comment time! Go!


  1. Good job, Courtney! Did you get to see Cat when you were in Arizona? Huh? Huh?

    Jay (the hubby) got a little emotional watching the hearing impaired girl (I think she referred to herself as HI, not get off my back!) I, however, did not. I think my years of working in the Deaf community have hardened me towards being impressed by something like dancing ability. Why wouldn't she be able to dance? Anyone can learn choreography (and by that I mean, anyone who trains extensively like she has). I'll be more impressed when she has to dance with a partner.

    The same sex couple this year were FAR better and more likable than last season's train wreck of gender mixing roles. That did cause me tear up...a little.

    Laughed out loud at the screamer kid, then felt bad when he thought he was going to have a heart attack...

    So much to love!

  2. Go Courtney! You sure did bring the heat... I just had to say that. Did anyone play a drinking game to how many times she mentioned that phrase? no? oh, must have just been me.

    okay, so it was more balanced with the good and the bad this week and I'm looking forward to seeing them on the right side of the country in Boston this week.
    I was super impressed by hearing impaired girl's amazing athlete muscles and beat boy's moves backwards across the floor on HIS HANDS! whoa, that was STUPID!

    As for the same sex couple. they were very passionate. good dancers. but it's hard for me to watch. just really hard. congrats to them and to nigel for not sticking his foot in his mouth (again).

    p.s. Thanks again C, for the awesome sidebar image! I got mine up, finally and a list of all our posting dates on the sidebar!

  3. I KNOW you didn't intentionally leave out the Nelly "Hot in Here" (not sure how to MISpronounce here to get the herr sound) intro. The review left me a bit wanting w/o that being involved ... otherwise couldn't have agreed more.

    And apparently Ellie Muth wanted to see me in Vegas. No, seriously she WANTS TO SEE ME IN VEGAS!!! Ok. But shhh, my wife may be reading.

    I also learned that apparently there's also a "forest of same sex dancers" ... is that next to the Amazon rain forests? Sherwood Forest? Forrest Whitaker? I'm just flabbergasted.

    Also I'm with you on those three songs. As I watched there were a couple of songs that grabbed me and lo and behold you did all the work for me and my itunes. Yea.

  4. "the spaceship has landed..."

    true dat yo!

    definitely showcased some strange people in phoenix, that's for sure!
    was unsure after watching phoenix how amazing this season will be just yet... but i'm sure it will! i think it just takes me some time to get a feel for the dancers and of course, once i get to know the personalities in the top 20 it just gets better and better...

    enjoyed the hearing impaired girl a lot and loved her response of "i'll be great" to the question "how will you be in choreography?"

    as for the same sex couple.... i completely agree with you christina - hard to watch. and yet i agree with rachel as well - it was passionate, emotional and actually quite beautiful. i am so suprised to hear myself say that, but they did a good job... they are who they are, they love to dance, and they are talented. i enjoyed watching them dance with girls more however (especially the one taller guy). enough said about that one!

    really enjoyed the girl with the chair who got all emotional with her family there supporting her...

    great job courtney!! LOVED those same songs you mentioned - thank you for doing the work for us!

  5. I am a delinquent sister this season. I came over to check out Court's vacation pictures and was all surprised by the SYTYCD post! Where has my head been...oh yeah, distracted by Glee, which I watch right afterwards.

    Anyway...I was only half watching this episode. I told Renee that maybe it's because we just saw auditions a few months ago, I haven't been as into the past two weeks. But that doesn't put a damper on my enthusiasm for the show, I'm just excited for Vegas week and the top 20!

  6. forgot to give you props, courtney, on mentioning the music. gosh I love that you did that. I'm always wanting to go and find out who sang what and if it was who I thought it was singing... but then my short term memory fails me and I forget. kinda like when I left my comment and forgot to mention this! geesh.

  7. Yeah, I don't think they showed the best people ever this week, but there's already a few people I'm really rooting for, which is more than I can say for last season.

    And Brian- I left out all the "hot" cliches- mostly because I recapped Miami last season and got my fill of the caliente puns.

    Glad you guys liked the song info. I love the music almost as much as the dancing, so i'm always furiously googling and ituning during the show.

    can't wait for next week1