Sunday, September 13, 2009

Go West, Young Bowdens!

On September 4th, Dustin and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. (4th on the right?!) We try to do something special each year, and this year could be one of the biggest yet. We took time off from work and set off on a week long cross country adventure. We had five main stops on our tour- Phoenix, The Grand Canyon/Sedona, Las Vegas, Moab, Denver/Salida.....We flew out to Phoenix, and then road tripped it from there. We were able to spend a couple days in each location before ending in Colorado for our flight home. It was a whirlwind vacation, but we had a spectacular time. I wanted a unique way to record our memories, rather than trying to force 8,000 details into a blog post, so we saved souvenirs (some may say "stole"- as I would pretty much put any writeable surface in my purse before anyone knew what happened) from notable locations: parks, hotels and eateries, and jotted down reflections as we went. Hopefully it'll be a fun "old-timey" way to share our trip with you. Stay tuned this week for highlights!

In a nutshell:
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  1. Love your map! i am definitely intrigued to hear your stories. Mile High huh? Sorry about missing the damn dam bus! Can't wait to hear more.

  2. Too fun....I'm hooked...forget teaching...this is a teachable moment right here!