Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Away We Went

This past weekend Dustin and I continued in our awesomely adventurous tradition of renting a movie from our cable's On Demand service. (ok, it's not really a tradition, but it happens often enough that it could be. Plus it sounds better than, "we didn't have anything better to do so we rented a movie. A-gain." ahh, married life....)

The movie selection process is a bit of a tradition as well. It goes a little something like this:
I choose several movies that sound good to me (trying hard to find at least one non-chick flick).
Dustin says it doesn't matter (because I didn't choose anything with a super-hero).
We watch whatever I want, during which I periodically try to convince Dustin it's not as bad as he thought it would be.

This week's options were:
Away We Go

And the final selection was Away We Go.

It's an idie flick with John Krasinski (The Office's "Jim") and Maya Rudolf (SNL) and a ton of famous (and hilarious) supporting cast members. The focus is on dating couple Burt and Verona who have recently found out they're going to have a baby. They don't have many ties to the city they current reside, so they set out on a road trip to find the perfect place to start their new family.
There are plenty of crazy characters, and more than a little offensive language, but overall I thought it was a great film. I connected to the main characters and identified with their struggles to find their footing in a sometimes unstable life. The fact that the movie falls under the "independent film" category allows it to ignore the typical plot patterns, and character cliches and resist the urge to tie everything up with a pretty bow at the end. What results are personas that seem authentically flawed, and at times awkwardly real. Many of the characters are over the top, but in a frighteningly familiar way- it's easy to see bits of your co-workers, friends, and family reflected on the screen. And, I saw a bit of myself in the uncertainty, insecurity, hope and love that the main characters shared. It was an enjoyable and thought provoking journey to take....
And in keeping with tradition, I cried at the end.


  1. Just finished watching it last night!!!! Loved it - was wishing I had someone to talk about it with. I agree with all you said and I too cried, however I think the part that got me the most was them laying on trampoline making promises to their daughter - that really hit me (and of course the rest of it from there on out, I was hoping they would go THERE).

  2. Ok...who did I remind you of in the movie?

  3. That's one that's on our list to see ... so I'm pumped you really liked it. This weekend Jillian and I had her parent's babysit Megan for two nights so we went to the ghetto cheap theater in town and saw both "The Hangover" and "Julie and Julia". Hangover was uber-hilarious ... Dustin would like it. And Julie/Julia was cute but a bit long-winded.

    But the real reason I wanted to comment is that about three weeks ago we saw "500 days of summer" which is also sort of a darker indie romance movie and I thought it was outstanding. Not sure if you've seen it, but I think you guys would dig it. Just sayin'

  4. I loved the part with the promises....so sweet! Totally real how you want to make everything perfect- and make promises to "guarantee" it.

    Mom- you didn't remind me of anyone....but I'll plead the fifth on who did sound familiar!

    Parsons- I thought of you guys the whole time b/c it was a total Brian and Jill movie. I'm shocked you haven't already seen it! But then again, I haven't seen the Hangover OR 550 days of Summer. Both definitely on my list though!

  5. This movie was so lovely. I think it's impossible to watch and NOT relate to one of the characters, or at least know of someone who can. When you actually see the fruit tied to the tree near the end... you can't hold back those little tears.

  6. I LOVED that movie, except I hate it when John Krasinski is with any girl except Pam.