Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I want to be a part of it....NY NY.

I'm in New York City this week for work (I glamorous!) and though I've spent quite a bit of time here, I'm always struck by how many things are unique to this city. Sure, there is the culture, the architecture, the entertainment....But I'm not talking about that. No, I'm referring to those crazy little moments that could only happen in New York. The ones that make you laugh, shake your head, or cringe. No matter what, it's always memorable!

Highlights so far: 
John Gosselin taping The Insider in Times Square.
Vendors selling Obama Condoms ("Hope Flavored") on the street.
Watching a club foot pigeon duke it out against another bird for a piece of toast.
Waking up at seven AM to the sounds of a full marching band performing for Veteran's day.
Seeing Niecy Nash getting off of the elevator in our hotel lobby.
Watching a group of "grand-cougars" (they were so old their granddaughters qualify for social security) work their man magic at the hotel bar.
Hearing some choice NYC quotes- exhibit A:  "I mean, I feel like we're The Sopranos. Only, like, you know, the gay version." (overheard during dinner in Hell's Kitchen)

For more unique to the city experiences, visit Overheard in New York. You just can't make this stuff up.

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  1. As your father I simply must ask this question - what were you doing in the hotel bar?!? Your mother and I tried so hard to raise you right... (sob, sniff, sob) you run off to the big city and ignore all the values of the heartland... I have to sign off now, and rest my weary heart...