Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rollin' With My Homie

Dustin and I work at the same company, which means (sometimes at least) we get to carpool to the office. We save on gas, and mileage, and if we do it ten times a month, we even get a gas card from work. Win-win-win! Now, this does require that I get up a bit earlier (which is becoming slightly more bearable over time) in order to accommodate Dustin's schedule, and it also means he sometimes has to wait around for me to wrap up in the evening, but overall we try to make it work.

I've found that the more we ride together, the more I love it. There are a lot of perks to having your own "driver". I can ease into being awake, I can do my makeup without endangering the lives of others and in the colder months he'll even warm up the car. Now that's service! Carpooling also means I get my breakfast and lunch packed for me- how spoiled am I? (I'm not sure why the meals only come if I go in with Dustin, but I've learned if I decide to sleep in, I'm on my own...I don't question the system though, lest I be left packing my own lunch and walking to work.)

Selfish motivations aside, I really love when we carpool. It's fun to start our day together. For at least twenty minutes we get to talk, laugh, listen to's a nice time to share before we head off to separate buildings, for separate jobs, and separated days. Plus, it's fun to reunite in the he's picking me up for a date (usually a date to our house, but still)!

Recently we've been working on memorizing scripture, so our morning rides have been filled with reciting verses and quizzing each other. I don't usually think about memorizing bible verses as "fun", but I've been really surprised. I like testing Dustin to see what he can remember, and I'm impressed by how much of it we know already. (we're using the Topical Memory System, if you're interested) But most of all, I'm learning how rewarding it is to start the day in God's word. And if your loving husband is by your side, all the better.

One of the verses we're learning has been on my mind and my heart this week, so I thought I would share....hope it encourages you, as it has me:

John 15:7 -If you remain in me and my words remain in you,
ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you.


  1. Dang Court ... he makes your lunches?!?! Oh wait, Jillian has done that for me for the past 3 years ... and I even get to sleep in and still get them. Married life rules.

    But alas we don't carpool. You guys make it sound like so much fun and thanks to the Arizona trip I even have video evidence to prove it. I think it's the same reason I like just being with you guys, sitting on the couch. You're both honest people who question themselves and their surroundings and wonder why about things. That's a great trait for car rides and in life. Thanks for putting me in the backseat for a look-see at how cool even the mundane at the Bowden house is.

  2. How sweet! I used to ride to work with my husband too when we worked together, but he didn't pack my lunch. I'll have to check into why.

    So cool that you can begin each day on such a positive note together in God's Word. Totally awesome.

    Look at you guys go with your bad selves posting daily!

  3. Thanks BP...that's really sweet of you.

    And Happy- you can totally use my husband to guilt yours. You deserve some lunches! :)