Monday, November 2, 2009

Swing your Partner....

I think the good thing about this "blogging everyday stuff" is it will force me to let go of the perfectionism, and for lack of a better term: just bang some entries out. I often get caught up in finding the perfect word, or setting up a sentence just right. And while I do like to improve my writing skills, I also value the authenticity that blogging allows. So rather than overthinking things, I'm going to attempt to keep it real.

And what's more real than a square dance? Wait, what?
On a recent trip to Columbus we were invited to a good-old fashioned square a barn...with a real caller, goats, and a bonfire. It was a fun family outing, and I was able to snap a few photos. Coincidentally, I had just downloaded some fun Photoshop tools from The Pioneer Woman that I've been wanting to play around with. And what better excuse to play with some country photo effects, than Ye Olde Barn Party?

That little peanut may have had her head pecked down by chickens.

Don't they look fun?

Baby Jacob loves to dance!

Mom teaching Theo that "goats will eat the clothes right off your body."

Love, Seventies Cowboy style.


  1. That's me...Junie B. Peanut Head! May I remind you tho...that peanut head of mine is packed FULL of brains! No room to rattle around!!!

  2. How cool! I think a square dance would be so much fun. And you did such a nice job with the pictures!

  3. Jacob and Theo definitely were the star attractions at that square dance... cute little boys!
    And you and Dustin may not quite be Debra Winger and John Travolta (see "Urban Cowboy" for you youngsters), you still take a beautiful romantic Western photo!
    xoxo Daddy