Sunday, February 7, 2010

The snow is snowing...

So it appears this was just a preview of the blizzardy breezes that were to come.

Friday night, we got some snow. A LOT of snow. This much snow:
Yeah, that's twenty inches. As in, two-zero. Yikes.
It is pretty though....

As fresh and pretty as it is, it's also more than a little inconvenient. All that snow closed some roads, disabled our cable TV and pretty much canceled any weekend plans we had. But we tried to make the most of it. There was movie watching, craft making, and snow-playing.

After all, it's not like we were driving anywhere...

Soon, the neighborhood kids came to rescue us. And by "rescue" I mean try to swindle us out of $60 for a half-hour of shoveling. (Added insult: They borrowed our shovel for the day to do the other houses on the street...Rest assured, Dustin is working out the royalties on the invoice!)

Hope you were able to stay safe and warm....and maybe even have a little fun!

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