Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Welcomed Addition

If you know me (Dustin), I'm a bit of a tech nerd. A geek. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'm a solid 8. One of my favorite things to do is get fixated on a item and research prices until I'm blue in the face. So for 2+ years I've researched flat screened TVs. It was a two year obsession because of the extreme amount of money that they cost. I've been close a hundred times to pulling the trigger and either ordering a TV online or marching into Best Buy and picking up the model of my dreams. The great thing about TVs is that they are constantly evolving. There's always a never ending stream of fodder for my obsession.

A while back my wonderful and beautiful wife got a well deserved promotion. So she made a nice little card that basically told me to buy a new TV. It was a sweet gesture and I was elated. However, several months went by and still no TV. I had pre-buyer's guilt. I couldn't spend the money. The TV we had, a plain, old, non-flat screened, 27 in TV was in perfectly good condition. There was no NEED for a new TV. Here's what she looked like:

So... no TV.

So I won't leave you in suspense... we got a new TV. It's a FORTY-SIX INCH LCD TV! It's pretty amazing, and here's the best part... it was free.

You read that right... Free!

I truly believe that God blessed us with the TV. Work has a raffle every year fro charity. It made over $14,000 this year and the prizes are pretty sweet. Some examples are a trip to London, a TV, a lawn mower... you get the idea. There is no limit to the number of tickets you can buy, so some people go nuts. I work with a couple of people that dropped over $100. Courtney and I agreed to spend $20 which got us 30 tickets.

So how many tickets did we put in for the TV? Six. Courtney put in 3 and so did I, and God blessed us with a TV; and we are in turn donating our TV and armorie to "Blessing Man" who will in turn give out stuff to people in need. The TV is great and looks fabulous but the real blessing is living guilt free. We don't have to sit and feel like we're recklessly spending what we're so blessed to have.

And without any further delay... here's the new TV:

Notice that God has not blessed us with a new stand for the TV. I think He's done enough!

Writer's note: I apologize for this post being oboxious and probably not well written. Thanks for reading it anyway!


  1. what are those weird, unfamiliar things in the bottom right corner of the new teevee photo?

  2. kids even know what a VHS is? And I thought our old TV was archaic.

  3. Sorry for falling a few posts behind ... although I did hear about the TV via phone call, so I have some leeway right?

    That's a hott (that's how the kids are spelling it these days) looking TV my man. However, if you're going to take a picture for blog posting why is there some girlie looking commercial on the screen? Where's the sports? the UFC?

    It appears that you may have picked out the TV, but Court still controls the programming. :)