Monday, June 14, 2010

April Showers bring...June Babies!

You know what we haven't had in a while? A blogpost? no, smarty.....
A Bowdenisms Shout Out!


And what better recipient than a brand new mom? Big Congratulations go out to our friend Liz (and Charles of course!) and her beautiful new baby girl. ( I swore for nine months it was a boy. Hope the baby doesn't hold that against me!)

But if there is one thing I love almost as much as babies, it's baby showers! (Ok, I really just love to plan parties, and eat delicious food. But what better reason to do both of those things, than the impending arrival of a little one?) A few months ago, we had shower for Liz, which Rachel and I used as a trial run of our events planning business. (not really....but we do joke about a lot, so don't be surprised if it actually happens someday. Megan can be our caterer!) It was a beautiful day, and the location was perfect: Liz and Charles are friends with the owners of Bistro To Go, a restaurant on the Northside (go. there. now. yum) so Nikki offered to host the shin-dig. We had delicious food, played some fun games, and celebrated with wonderful women. (and it must be said, that the event could not have happened without Hannah, our organizational goddess. She wrangles RSVP's like nobody's business.)

Check out the fruits of our labor. (ha! pregnancy joke!)

Details count!

Test tube favors, for a scientist mom.

After these cupcakes, Rachel could become known
as the Paula Deen of the North.

Pretty, Rustic.

No shame here. We all love a good buffet!

The ever-popular "guess how big momma is" game.

Not so sure about my guessing ability.

Don't worry, she only took a couple.

All the Young Life ladies.

They hold the future. Literally.


  1. Sweet post, Courtney! And I can't wait to meet Julia!!!

    To all those who may read this: Courtney was responsible for 90% of this shower! She did everything from create the invitations, the favors, the mom-to-be pin, the "Hope for baby" pages, the centerpieces!

    Her creativity cannot be stopped...I only wish it was contagious! So, thank you for the shout out, but YOU, Courtney, must take a bow!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! But I agree with Rachel, it's easy to wrangle RSVPs when they're so cute! :) Well done on it all, and I love all the pics too!!

  3. awww, now I feel all braggy!! It was fun to do....I love all the little details. The best part is, it was even more fun to attend than it was to plan (and I love to plan!) Now the rest of you need to have babies so we can do it again!