Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where the winds go sweeping down the plains...

As long as we're still living in the past (I've got a LOT of blogging to catch up on!) I should share some photos from a couple months back, when we traveled to Philly to see the Wissahickon Middle School Production of Oklahoma! (so prestigious!) I've already told you about the aftermath of the trip- but it was worth it to see Dustin's niece Elizabeth, in all her Broadway-bound glory. Check her out:

Ok, I'll give you a close up....

Such a star, right? (she gets it from her grandmom).

We had such a fun weekend watching Lizzie dance her heart out, plus we got some quality time with the Bowden (and Tambourino, and Doll) crew. Dustin's dad and step-mom only make the trek back to Philly a few times a year, (can you blame them? They live in paradise!) so it's a special treat to have the whole family together.

Dustin got to golf with his dad and his brothers, (which probably ranks in his top three favorite things ever), while I got to go garage sale-ing with the ladies. (I scored a Parcheesi board, for 50 cents!! Such a bargain for the Royal Game of India!) Our nephew, Jagger, almost lost a finger in a tragic Sedan-Door-Closing-Incident, but he was a trooper, and we all made it to the show with all our pieces. Even if some of those pieces are a little goofy at times:

Now, if you ask me why I like to go to Philly, I'll probably tell you it's because of the charming accents, or the delicious cheesesteaks...which both definitely rank high on my list of loves. But it obviously is about much more than that. We have so much fun whenever we go back- seeing family, catching up with friends, staying up too late together playing games, drinking wine and eating ice cream (best combo ever!). But as much as I love being with them, what I love even more, is seeing Dustin enjoy himself.

There is no competition for a top spot in Dustin's heart, because it is a solid tie between his dad and his brothers (don't worry....I'm in there. It's just a different kind of love.) Dus can be a man of few words about a lot of things, but there is no doubt that he loves his "guys" more than anything in the world. I love to sit back and watch them- as they joke, wrestle, brag, and love like only a group of boys can.

We don't get together as often as we would like, but when we do, it's the best. And at the very least we have a cheesy group photo to remember it by:

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