Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tiny Luxuries

When people find out I work in fashion, I think they're often surprised (and maybe disappointed) that I don't have a more impressive wardrobe. Now, don't get me wrong, I really do have tons of clothes, but I'm not into designer labels, premium denim, or iconic shoe collections. Instead, I have about a billion t-shirts, ten pairs of old jeans that only *kind of* fit, and a couple of solid pairs of flip flops that I've worn (literally) into the ground. I'm just a comfy kind of girl....and though I often fall in love with certain pieces, I rarely can bring myself to spend a substantial amount of money on clothes. But- before anyone attempts to run me out of the industry- allow me to defend my sartorial honor....there is in fact at least one superficial staple that I am powerless to resist.

And that, my color loving friends, is nail polish.

Now, I know, nail polish doesn't exactly count as fashion, but the worlds of beauty and fashion are intertwined, and I like to consider my brightly hued tips an important part of one of my favorite categories of life: accessories!! I may not always spring for a new dress or sweater, but good gracious, if there's a chunky necklace, a bold ring, or a ruffled scarf in the vicinity, hide your pocketbooks, I can't be trusted.

I pretty much can't drive by an Ulta without venturing in to see the new color collections....and with a five dollar off coupon....who can blame me for springing for a couple of new additions? I've recently realized it's gotten a little out of control (realized is obviously code for Dustin told me so) so I decided to take an inventory. I lined everything up according to color, and oh if that didn't make my heart go pitter pat.....

Now you might think that seeing them all together like this might make me say- "Yep. We're all set here for a bit." But if you think that, you're clearly not a girl. In fact, if you think that was the realization I came to...you might not even know any girls. Nay, all this project did was show me the voids in the collection- there's so many shades I still don't have represented! There is clear justification for more!!

But the good news is, as pointless obsessions go, this one is pretty harmless, and relatively cheap. Averaging around $5 a pop, it's an affordable little luxury that I can occasionally "splurge on" and not break the bank. Gotta love that!

So in the interest of sharing...allow me to introduce you to some of my current faves:

Top Row: Electric Pink, Classic Navy, Wet Cement, Lively Lilac
Bottom Row: What’s with the Cattitude?, Mint Candy Apple, Gold Get ‘Em, Space Cadet

(p.s. I lost my bottle of Space Cadet- ironic I know-
so if it's at your house, can you kindly return it?)

I know my picks are a little heavy on the blue....but I'm just in a bluesy kind of mood lately (in the best way possible.) I love the way the occasional glimpse of a bright pop, or a quirky color, during a mundane workday can bring a little bit of joy into the monotony of typing, driving, and cleaning. If you haven't ventured out of the pink & red safety zone- let me encourage you- I've gotten nothing but compliments on everything I've tried (even the really out-there choices). And a quick coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to try colors and trends that might feel too risky in a larger statement or more permanent investment.

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So what about you? Do you have guilty pleasure or affordable luxury that you can't seem to pass up?


  1. I actually did notice your nails earlier this week! (I think it was you.....are they, or were they either last night or Saturday, some sort of a dark blue color?) And I'm now inspired to add some fun color to my nails, because, you're right, it makes me happy during the day. However, I tend to keep the fun colors to my toes only because 1. my finger nails chip way too quickly and I'm too lazy to do anything about it and then it looks quite bad, and 2. I work in a rather conservative profession.

    If you have any solutions* to #1, please advise, because having a solution to that might make me more willing to deal with the looks and questions I'll receive due to #2.

    *The solution can't be "don't touch anything" - too impractical. Also, it's not (entirely) CrossFit's fault....this problem preceeded CrossFit, so limiting the advice to not touching barbells and kettlebells isn't so much of a solution either.

  2. Since Bella has been allowed to have her nails painted, I have ventured back into painting my own after a decade long hiatus. You KNOW how I feel about chipped polish! So, I'm just really vigilant about removing the chipped polish quickly.

    I think I'm a sucker for make-up on sale. Though, I have to restrain myself in order to keep up with the hair product tab...

  3. I noticed your nails this weekend! Love them. I also have the problem with chipping. I think it might be because I buy too cheap of nail polish? My guilty pleasure that has little to do with fashion - any bakery confection. I can't resist.

  4. Ok.... I'm so not qualified to give advice on this, b/c my polish is always chipped and crazy looking- BUT that's because I don't try.
    The best thing I can say is to use base coat and top coat....helps the polish stick, and then helps protect it. I rarely if ever, do this, so it's more of a "do as I say, not as I do" situation. Also- do thin coats, they dry faster and don't glob or chip off as easily. The other thing that does help, is to a paint horizontal stripe of color, just on the tips of your nail (like a french manicure) first, and then paint over it. That way when your tips chip, you have a layer of "protection" underneath.

    And as extra encouragement, I got stopped by a stranger at Chik-fil-a today...she loved my "cattitude" polish!

  5. Maybe I'll give it another try and try to be more vigilant.

    And now I want Chick-fil-A. Thanks a lot.

  6. This is absolutely not my blog anymore!