Sunday, September 5, 2010

High Five



If it's possible, I love this man more now than I ever did before.
And I used to love him quite a lot.

Happy Anniversary to us.


  1. aaaaahhhh...Love you both so much. I am however afraid to ask...why does the cow have one yellow leg???I do hope it is NOT what one might think!

  2. It's amazing that you captured basically the same moment 5 years apart. Thanks for fairing it with us. Congrats we love you guys. High fives from the orourkes.

  3. dang dustin ... check out your monster calves. i think crossfit is doing work on you.

  4. THAT'S what you have to say Parsons? Really? Have you lost all your romanticism after being married 19 years (or whatever it really is...)? I will take it as a "congratulations". ;)

  5. My calf is pressed up against that fine looking bovine I'm sitting on. It's equivalent to using your hand to push up your bicep. Thanks for the shout out, I mean the well wishes on our marriage!