Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summ it Up

If any of you ever listed to KLove (a national Christian radio station) you know that the "dj's" (not sure why, but quotes just feel right in this instance) can border on cheesy. And by "border" I mean- that is a nice word to avoid just calling them out as big dorks. (I know....dorks for Jesus...but still.)

BUT the other day they posed a question that was actually pretty fun (and no- it wasn't of the "Kids say the darndest things" variety). Their prompt:

Some stories take lots of words to get the message across.
And sometimes you can tell everything in just three words.
Can you tell us the most memorable story from your summer in... just. 3. words?

I had some fun brainstorming...but of course couldn't narrow it to one phrase....

Run ourselves ragged.
Striving for simple.
Adventures with husband.
Non. stop. eating.
Favorite season ever.
Ain't over yet!

So- what about you? Can you boil your summer down to 3 words (or an unlimited list of 3 word combos?) Is it a specific memory? Or a season-long summation?

Share your story!
In the comments!
Don't be shy!

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  1. After dinner Popsicle

    sun tan lotion

    most favorite season

    sprinkler bucket joy

    no alarm clocks

    I could go on and on! Cute idea!

  2. your forgot....