Sunday, October 3, 2010


Someday (note- someday- not today) Dustin and I will have children....
And I assume at least once, we'll look at each other and say, "What did we do before we had kids?!" I'm sure once you have that level of responsibly and commitment, it's easy to forget the footloose and fancy free feeling of your younger days. While I'm sure I'll love those kids more than I could ever imagine, I still want to remember what it was like to be child-free.

For some reason, this Saturday I had a moment of childless appreciation. It happens every once in a while- just a quick pause to be thankful that it's just us. (again- nothing against little ones, I'm just content in these moments.) It wasn't a special day....really nothing was especially memorable about it...but it served as a typical reminder of how lucky we are to have some "selfish time" in our lives. A glimpse:
  • Woke up naturally....around 9. (which was pretty early!)
  • Decided not to get up- read for an hour or so instead.
  • Shared breakfast (quesadillas! it's a Bowden staple!) while we caught up on some TV and internet. (you know...whatever changed since last night!)
  • Crafted for a while (painting beads for a necklace) while Dustin played guitar.
  • Free tickets to a Pitt game- in the box at Heinz field. (Not really a strictly-childless luxury, but when we parked 11 miles away, Dustin only had to listed to my grown-up whining. Plus we didn't have to share our snacks).
  • Met with some friends for Bookclub....Dustin rented some (undoubtedly violent) movie.
See? Nothing special. And yet it's all so special to me. I look forward to growing our family someday. But right now I'm loving our little family of two.

*Dual Income, No Kids.

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  1. Courtney, it's so wonderful to soak in these moments of lazy saturdays and appreciate the time with just the two of you!!! So good that you're doing that. I must say, that Saturday sounded heavenly!!! Yes, you will love your kids more than you can imagine and wouldn't trade them for anything in the world... BUT.... it's definitely nice having this time with just the two of you. Enjoy it to the maxx!!