Monday, September 20, 2010

Something to Crow About

Ok, after that little pirate themed teaser, I’m sure you all are chomping at the bit to hear about our vacation (OR, I’m just dying to brag about it a bit!) BUT, I’d be remiss if I didn’t first tell you about the festivities we partook in on our actual anniversary (and by “remiss” I mean, I’d be in big trouble with Meg, because she requested a post about the event that she so graciously invited us to.). This also give us an opportunity to clear up any of the questions from our anniversary post- how did we find ourselves celebrating 5 years of bliss, while atop a fiberglass cow?? The answer to that, and many more awesome questions is: We took a trip to The Canfield Fair.

I had never heard of this event, but I am ALWAYS up for some farm activities and some fried food, so when our friends Meg and Sean invited us out, we decided it would be a fun way to spend the day together. As Canfield newbies, everything was a first….but by the time we left, we were pros. For those of you who haven’t yet gotten the pleasure of experiencing this firsthand, allow me to show you the ropes.

It’s a popular place- if make a plan to meet your friends, the rooster is a great rendezvous point. (from entrance D-fresh off the hayride- you go straight past the custom carburetor contraption booths and make a right at the goats. If you hit the sheep you’ve gone too far.)

Or maybe you could agree to wear an eye catching hat so you can easily spot each other in the crowd.

Once you’ve got all your group in tow, it’s time to eat. In fact, from here on out, it’s always time to eat.

Hit up the fry booth….

Grab a Funnel Ear (why choose between two perfect foods when there is a combo choice?!)…

And make sure you make an appearance at the fried cheese booth.

They should really call it bliss on a stick. It would be more accurate.

For those of you hard core carnivores, fear not, there are options for you too....Hot and Delicious Turkey Legs (of prehistoric proportions!)

And I cannot stress this enough: If you see the Fried Carmel Apple Cheesecake Burrito Stand….stop. right. there. Do not pass by, even if you have a belly full of funnel ear and a corn dog in each hand. I made the mistake of passing this up, and wake up sorry every day.

But no matter what you eat, try to keep it clean…afterall, we’re at the fair. It’s a classy joint.

Once the grease is deep, deep in your veins, you can branch out (briefly) into the world of impossibly rigged gaming. Grab a ball or two, and show off your macho power.

You won’t win, but you can at least win the affection of a special someone from your group…

Now, it goes without saying that you’re bound to see some pretty big celebrities at the fair. Try to stay cool…..Don’t embarrass yourself in front of Honest Abe. He puts his pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us.

But if you get a little starstruck it’s understandable. I mean- when you’re in the presence of greatness, it’s hard to keep your composure.

But you don't come to the fair for the come for the animals.
There are hares....

And there are mares....
alpacas in pairs....
And even a few scares! (don't be alarmed by the giant's normal...I guess....)

And of course there are many more, but by now you'll be itching for some adventure (beyond just the fear of a nasty goat bite in the petting zoo!). For that- may I suggest- Fat Guy in a Wheelchair Horse Racing?! (which may or may not be it's real name)
It may look a little crazy at first, but once they announce "Real Sexy" is in the lead, then you'll be begging to bet.
Don't take it from these smiling faces:

But don't get too comfy on the sidelines...because Canfield gives you the power....and puts you in the driver's seat.

There's big boy toys...
And even bigger boy toys. And remember- rule number one when posing inside of a tank: Look fierce.

So while it's impossible to sum up the magic of such a fair in one post, I'd at least like to leave you with one final piece of advise- which comes in the famous words of the fair’s very unofficial tagline:
No regrets indeed.

And there you have it...The Canfield Fair: truly “Something to Crow About".


  1. this was more than I hoped for! haha we had so much fun at the fair and post-fair picture viewing! love you guys...

  2. This is my favorite blog post to date. You made me laugh out loud in the library about 6 times and now everyone is starring at me like I'm an annoying person who laughs at inside jokes by herself and doesn't bother explaining them to anyone else. Totally worth it. You're hilarious.

  3. Hi Courtney!

    Do you know how many pictures I have of myself and my kids on that cow? Or how many pins we have that say, "I milked a cow at the Canfield Fair"?

    A ton! We go every year! My dad grew up going and has never missed a year in 50 some years. I've missed years here and there, but even blogged about it once also!

    I never know anyone else who goes! Our friends usually laugh at us! I love how you captured the people there! That's awesome!