Tuesday, January 18, 2011


If I were forced to choose my favorite holiday, it’d be a pretty tough call....

I do love New Years,
And of course Halloween,
Forth of July is up there,
And even Labor Day deserves honorable mention (even if it’s just because it happens to be our wedding anniversary).

But I’m not going to pretend like my birthday doesn’t rank right up there with the best of ‘em.

I’ve wondered for a while if my birthday would lose its luster as I got older. I mean, it’s all well and good for kids to have lavish parties, but should you really continue to make a big deal even after you hit the quarter century mark?
And (surprise, surprise!) I say YES. I think birthdays should always be looked forward to, and celebrated, regardless of the age. I’ve yet to hit a number that I dreaded (I know...call me in a couple of years), so I’ve tried to make the most out of each one, even if there are less and less milestones that accompany adulthood.

So 27 may not be traditionally associated with any big benefits, but I bet there are some big things in store nonetheless.

27 great things about being 27:

  1. I have time before my ten year high school reunion.
  2. I still get carded with semi-regularity.
  3. I’ve lived in the suburbs, the city, the BIG city, and the middle of nowhere...And learned what’s a good fit for me.
  4. I have a job- nay- career I love.
  5. I’m still three and a half years younger than Dustin.
  6. I have a handful of friends that have known me since “childhood”...and still talk to me!
  7. I still smile like a seven year old when I get out my sparkly nail polish.
  8. I get to be a wife, an older sister and an aunt...but also a younger sister, a cousin, a niecem and a daughter. (and a grand daughter!)
  9. I can rock some fashion fads, and skip a ton of them too.
  10. I have a cute little house.
  11. I can celebrate the decade-iversary of my favorite age (seriously, seventeen was sweet!)
  12. I have a husband that keeps me young, and helps me grow up, depending on what I need in the moment.
  13. I still mostly understand high school slang.
  14. I have three years till thirty. (Not sure it’s enough...but I like how the numbers work out).
  15. I’ve given up on pretending to like things just because I feel like I’m supposed to.(Example: Hiking. Not a fan!)
  16. I still get to have tons of child-like fun with my friends- movie marathons, girl’s nights, sleepovers, game nights and dance parties, but I don’t have to agonize of my current crush, my parents silly rules, or mean girls from my class.
  17. Twenty-seven is odd. Like me.
  18. I know at least 3 cute ways to wear my hair (and at least 6 that just don’t look good on me).
  19. I can party all night long.
  20. I don’t have to party all night long.
  21. I’ve practiced four musical instruments, learned seven types of dance, studied another language, played three “sports” (shutup...bowling is a sport. Especially if you earn a varsity letter in it), and still have a mile long list of things I want to try....
  22. It sounds way more sophisticated and worldly then twenty-six, but not as boring as twenty-eight.
  23. My bones are still growing!
  24. I’ve gotten to travel enough to get a taste of what’s out there, and get inspire to see more!
  25. I’ve grown accustom to being bad at things sometimes, and have become way less scared of failing than I used to be.
  26. I have (a statistical average of) 53.8 years to go....(meaning I’m just over 1/3 of the way in!)
  27. I’m loved and blessed more than I can imagine possible.....and have what is sure to be another exciting year ahead of me!


  1. 27 reasons why I love you!
    1.)You’re hilarious
    2.)You’re beautiful
    3.)You make me get out of my comfort zone
    4.)You love to dance
    5.)You’re passionate
    6.)You’re trustworthy
    7.)You always see the good in people (especially me)
    8.)You like to cuddle
    9.)You like bacon
    10.)You embrace everything you do
    11.)You’re extremely smart and logical
    12.)You’re creative
    13.)You’re crafty
    14.)You love the Lord and have a passion for others to know him
    15.)You’re a prayerful woman ;)
    16.)You read 10 times as many (ok maybe 100 times) books as I do which means that I don’t have to read
    17.)You’ll read to me at night or in the car
    18.)You love to travel
    19.)You’re an excellent bowler
    20.)You’re patient
    21.)You’re kind
    22.)You tolerate my nonsense
    23.)You’re goofy
    24.)You’re so, so clever
    25.)Did I mention that you’re beautiful?
    26.)You’re going to be a fantastic mother to our kids (I can tell)
    27.)And finally, you’re the most unique and wonderful woman I have ever met and I am completely and totally in love with you!

  2. Happy birthday you young wipper snapper you. Your list is awesome. I loved too many to list. However, your husband's list takes the cake, in your case, the birthday cake!

    Have a great day!

  3. happy birthday cojobo- thankful to be a friend from preschool :) thanks for taking the big 2-7 a few months before me and breaking in it!