Thursday, January 20, 2011


This little site?


Ok, I’m probably exaggerating a little, but still- why did no one tell me about CraigsEasy?!?! (probably for the same reason that I hesitated to share....because I want all the good stuff for myself!) In the past, I used Craiglist only if I was looking for a specific item. It was just too hard to search in general. Too many links, too much takes forever. But now.....I can browse around to my heart’s content. Which might be a lot! (to Dustin’s shagrin. Is it the money that bothers him? Or having to meet strangers in dark alleys to exchange goods? Hmmmmmm.)

Here’s our latest Craiglist find- an antique stool from a doctors office.

We’re using it as an end table in the guest bedroom. It’s a little lonely right now, but with a few days of browsing around online, I’m sure I’ll find something to jazz it up. (By the way- we’ve made a lot of progress in this room since we last shared pics, and I’m so excited to share the finished result with you....just as soon as it’s...finished.)

Until then....Happy hunting!

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  1. I've heard of it before, but never used it until now. Love it! Thanks!