Tuesday, January 4, 2011

For Edie, With Love

The blogging world is a strange place..... At its worst, it can be reminiscent of high school, with its cliques, mean girls, popular crowd and outsiders. The landscape can be tough, full of insecurities, judgment, and surface level relationships. It’s a vast open network, with fleeting moments of connection, and at times it can feel like you’re yelling out into the universe, never to receive a response. It can be a selfish activity, centered around constant self promotion and bragging. A fake world of managed perception, where anyone can craft the perfect persona.

But at its best, it is a community. Full of support, advice, encouragement, camaraderie, inspiration, laughter, and friendship. Many of the blogs I read, I’ve never met the writer. Who knows how I found each one, or why I chose those out of the thousands of sites out there, but each spot on my google reader represents an online friend....whether they know I’m a follower or not. I recognize their kids, I remember their stories, I refer to them as if they were more than just the creator of words on a page- because to me, they are. Reading the stories of these “strangers” has become part of my life, and though in many cases we’ve never exchanged even an email- we’ve shared much more than that.

I don’t know when I first stumbled on to Life in Grace, but do remember feeling an instant connection with Edie, and roaming through her archives to learn more about this woman. In some ways, she and I don’t have a lot in common....she is a mom, a home school teacher, a former doctor....nothing that I can relate to. But her heart....it is kind, fun, and full of the same kind of love I aspire to show others.

I’ve come to love Edie’s recipes, and crafts, and little stories about he everyday life. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and her faith is inspiring. She is far more diligent and gifted in writing than I, so it’s tough to pick a favorite post of hers, but I do have one that I connected with instantly. It was written over a year ago, shortly after I first found her site. Edie describes the Stages of Blog Friendship- something I had begun to experience but never articulated.

And that very day I decided to take our bond from “smitten” to “head over heels”. I emailed her and thanked her for sharing her life with this crazy, unseen audience, and told her that though I don’t “know” her....I do appreciate her.

In the world of blogging- Edie is a popular girl. She has friends from all corners, and I certainly don’t have the same connection with her that some of her “real” friends, or even her Blissdom buddies do. But I care about her all the same, so when I heard what happened, I was devastated for her and her family.

Edie, you are cared about farther and wider than you can even imagine. Your words have brought joy and wisdom into the hearts of many, and the legacy of love that you have built in your life will last far longer than any earthly damage. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.


  1. Very sweet post! Hugs and prayers for Edie!

  2. Do you know about this? http://www.lifeingraceblog.com/2011/01/for-edie-with-love.html I'm assuming you do...but just in case...

  3. Thanks meg- yep...I added it to her link list.

    Thanks for stoping in Leigh!

  4. so true what you say. I don't write a blog, just read them, but you are spot on in your comments. I'm always amazed when I stumble onto a good blog (like yours) and see zero comments for a few days. I give the authors (like you) for credit for continuing to chip away at it. Ran into Edie's blog just two weeks ago after the fire...wow, she is magical.

  5. Aw Carol....Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot that you would take the time to write.

  6. Court,
    I love your blog. You're on my shortcuts bar (too far?...). You should know that this post made me cry. Only a little, so I'm not too ashamed, but there was a tear. Thank YOU for sharing your heart with us and always making me smile.

    And now I have another blog to follow :) I Love Edie.

  7. what a great post....what a great lady Edie is....especially loved this post

  8. dear sweet courtney,
    you definitely have the gift of writing my friend and i'm so thankful to meet you and humbled by those kind, encouraging words. i LOVE your profile pic. LOVE it. thank you so much for loving and caring for us, for praying for our family. we are ever so slowly finding our way back to normal and this outpouring of love has just been a balm of healing as we march on. bless you friend.
    much love,