Thursday, January 6, 2011

In with a bang!

Ever since I was little, New Year's Eve has been one of my favorite holidays. I know a lot of people think it's over hyped, but I just love it. Each year we do something different, but in our seven years of celebrating together, we never hosted a party.....But this year we decided to do it up! It wasn't a huge shin-dig, but it was full of people...and things...that I love.

We decided to keep it low key, but of course at the last minute I got excited to decorate...(of course!) We had the backdrop already, so I expanded on the theme and grabbed all the shiny objects I could find, to create a festive tablescape.

The plan was to have everyone roll their own sushi, so we needed a plastic tablecloth to work on- and after that, I was free to go wild with the decorative doo-dads down the center...Would you believe the runner is aluminum foil?

In fact- everything except the white table covering was stuff I already had on hand. The animals got to go on parade, vases and glassware came out of hiding, and some left over Christmas and new year's decorations got pulled out again. Add a few bowties, and our table was ready to party!

But with all that fun on the main table, the food had to find another spot....TV trays to the rescue! We managed to jam all the delicious treats on there buffet-style. It was a smorgasbord complete with at least five different dipping sauces. Because that is what I look for in a menu!

And the sushi was a big success...

I wish I had pictures of how it all came out...let's just say some rolls were better than others (and mine we always the "others"). But even when they weren't perfect, they still tasted good!

But as much as I loved the food (I mean, there was crab you know I loved the food!) New Year's Eve parties to me, have always been about the decorations, and the accessories! So I made another buffet- of fun!

People showed restraint until midnight...but when the ball dropped, so did the manners, and it was a free for all at the table. We cranked the music, flipped on all the lights, and the famous photobooth was back in business!

And I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun it was. But I think these pictures can give you a glimpse....

(yes- those are sparklers in that my dining room. All in the name of fun, right?)

We snapped pics, and danced, and sang, and laughed for hours, and I'm so glad to have captured some of the ridiculousness.

I probably took a hundred photos, and each one makes me laugh a little harder than the last... but this series might be my favorite:
(I had enough to make a flipbook).

It was an absolute blast....and our house was an absolute disaster....
...and I'm absolutely thrilled to celebrate for another entire year with this man:
Happy 2011 everyone!


  1. Hahahah....these made me laugh so much. My favorite? The one of you and Dustin stone faced with bow ties. Amazing. I'm so glad we spent New Years with you!

  2. what what what .... homemade rolled sushi?! I distinctly remember doing that with you guys in your apartment across from the gas station in Cincy. (sniff ... good times).

    But MORE importantly ... Dustin was rocking a popped collar, all night apparently, and it seemed purposely done. I feel like I don't even know the guy anymore.

    super cool party though. loved the decor and the photo booth. so fun.

  3. You guys are the coolest! Seriously makes me wish we lived closer so we could hang out, but then we might bring the cool factor down.... :)

    Crab Rangoon - I bet you were an expert after the little trial run you did during one of your visits to our house! :)

  4. Lindsey- My fav might have been you and mike's signature face-touching arms-out-dirty-dancing move (what is that by the way?)
    BP-We missed your sushi skills! We've come a long way from our old 'hood, but we actually haven't changed that much. Oh- and I'll let Dustin defend his fashion choices...
    Megan- You're welcome to come anytime- I know the kids would love to strut their stuff! I totally forgot about when we made those crab rangoons! I went with the frozen kind....not as good- but so much easier!

  5. yes, you first crafted those skills back in norwood with the old crew! adorable as always. i love it. did that sushi taste sweeter not eaten on a "stupid couch?"

  6. Loved the fun to spend New Years with you guys!

  7. BP - I didn't pop that collar... the shirt came that way. I think it was broken or something.