Monday, January 10, 2011

Wouldn't it be nice...

Last year I had high hopes for my New Year’s Resolutions....

I chose bold words to serve as my overarching goals for the year. Did it work? In a word: nope. While I may have stumbled into demonstrating some of those characteristics, it was a little too broad for me to really intentionally execute them all. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the ideas...I think those words will probably guide me subconsciously throughout my life. But I think I might be more successful with smaller resolutions. I’ve stumbled upon some ideas online, and found that I’ve been inspired by simple goals, and yearly plans broken into chunks.

Kate Spade has some great examples of things that are totally do-able....

Katie, of Bower Power, shows how to divide goals up over the year:

And Jane at Lox Papers has some fun, inspirational goals, that range from little to big:

So for my resolutions this year, I’ve decided to unveil a new goal each month. Yes, they're "resolutions" but they're also just little wishes..."wouldn't it be nice if I....." Less pressure, more fun! I’ve mapped out what I’d like to do this year, but who knows where things will take us, so I’m leaving some wiggle room to switch it up in later months. To kick off our first month....

I know it’s completely cliché to have a “work-out” type resolution for January (I can barely even watch TV without being bombarded for P90X infomercials, gym membership offers, and diet program testimonials), but it’s probably cliché for a good reason. The twist this year? I’m not making promises to work out every single day, or lose X number of pounds etc. Instead, I’m trying to focus on moving just a little bit more than I usually do everyday. Taking the stairs? Counts. Playing dance video games? Counts. Walking to the bar for happy hour? Totally counts. So some days are more activity filled than others....the point is I’m trying. I have high hopes of checking out a local dance class, and putting our Groupon for yoga to good use....But in the meantime, I’m trying to incorporate some type of exercise into my typical life. My hope is that these little efforts will become second nature, eventually building to a lifestyle full of unintentional “exercise”.
Oh- and if I get totally skinny as a result? We’ll call that a bonus. (I mean, I wouldn’t be sad if my February resolution can be “Show off my super hot bod”....but I’m not holding my breath.)


  1. I totally thought it said play hockey more on the Kate Spade one and I got all excited...then it was letdown city for me! Oh well.

  2. All excellent resolutions and inspiration for the new year. My biggest resolution is to get organized. I've been working hard at it and making big progress already.