Thursday, January 27, 2011


So almost a year ago Court posted about the demolition of the breakfast nook.

You would think that almost a year later the kitchen would be totally remodeled. Well you would be wrong. In fact, there has been no progress at all on the kitchen remodel. Zero. Zip. Zilch. But today I made a huge discovery.

Have a look:

Here's the road map of what you're looking at:
To the far right is the current rust colored stick on square tiles that are currently on our kitchen floor. To the left of that is the white linoleum flooring that the rust colored tiles are stuck to.
In the center is a hole. I made that hole today.

To get to the bottom of that hole I had to cut through:
1.) rust colored stick on tile
2.) white linoleum
3.) sub flooring
4.) white linoleum that looks like the other white linoleum above it
5.) another sub floor
6.) some kind of old flooring that is probably asbestos
7.) and yet another layer of sub flooring

and finally...

Hard. Wood. Flooring. Jackpot!

The flooring throughout the house is all hard wood and I hoped that the kitchen had hard wood flooring as well and my suspicions were confirmed. So depending on how good the floors look, we may not replace the flooring at all but rather just remove seven layers of old flooring when we finally do get started on the kitchen.

Update: This post is probably not interesting in the slightest to anybody but me. Don't hold this lame post against Courtney. Her posts are awesome.


  1. You're gonna need steps to get down into the kitchen after removing all those floors! And I hope you were kidding, but just in case, don't mess with asbestos. Get a professional on that.
    Good luck! I know it will turn out great eventually!

  2. Yay! Awesome. Excited for you guys!

  3. That's awesome man. I hope you don't have the troubles we did with our kitchen floor, haha. It all makes sense though with those layers because your kitchen is approximately 6 feet higher than the rest of your floors! Have fun with it, you know I'm up for ripping out the top floors with you when you do it!

  4. You are so wrong about this being interesting....almost as pretty as rainbow Vern more pretty!