Thursday, February 17, 2011

I love you like a fat kid loves cake...

Or more accurately- I love you like I love cake. cheesecake.

Can you guys handle any more food? Sometimes I wonder if I can...but then I remember- yes. Yes I can. So it shouldn't really come as a shock that for Valentine's day this year, Dustin and I each planned a food surprise for each other. We didn't really talk about making plans for the's not a super big deal for either of us, but somehow we both got it in our heads that we wanted to surprise the other one. So Dustin took dibs on Saturday, and I got Sunday. And though we never said that plans had to include a meal- that's actually all either of us planned. Sure, some people plan romantic get aways, or fun outings....But Dustin and I eat. (I mean...look at last year's valentines day...or the one before that...) What can we say? We like what we like.

For Dustin's part, he got me a new deep dish pizza of course we had to try it out immediately! We may have underestimated the amount of time that it took to make pizza dough at ten o' clock we were still waiting for our dinner....

But we managed to have fun anyway, and when it was time to punch it down...Dustin was ready:

And then I tried....and I'm only sharing this photo because it's hilariously bad. Like, unbelievably bad. (I can only hope that you're looking at my messed up hand, as it detracts from my messed up face!)

Thankfully, the pizza turned out much better than my modeling attempts.

Delicious, no? (For those of you that are still interested, despite feeling the early stages of a food coma- we used this recipe.)
Oh- and fear not- for there was dessert. Because Dustin is the best ever, and had secretly made CHOCOLATE COVERED CHEESECAKE POPS. Oh, but yes he did. (And maybe he also took photos of the whole thing in case I wanted to blog it. For real- where did this guy come from? Heaven?)
They were yum.

Full yet? Oh no- We're not done yet!...that was only part one.

For my portion, I planned to take Dustin to a local fish market to get crab legs. He loves them, and I had never had them until I met him, so it's a fun thing we've shared over the years. but we've never made them until now....

This is my "catch of the day" photo. Too bad seafood doesn't naturally come pre-portioned in bags like that....would make fishing so much easier.

And then of course, it was time for more ridiculous photos....

But we did eventually make quite the dinner....That we ate on real plates, in our real dining room, like real grown ups. (Though Dustin did remark "It smells like Jersey in here!" from the kitchen once, and after the prayer I put two fists in the air and yelled "Release the Kraken!!" while we began to tear into our crab legs. Gotta keep it classy, right?)

(Speaking of classy, yes...those are our version of Red Lobster's cheddar biscuits you see there....)

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!


  1. I read this at work which is probably a no no. (so is commenting on a blog I guess) It made me laugh out loud twice at my desk. You are so stinking funny and good at writing. I love you so much and this was one of our best V-day celebrations yet!

  2. Also... I think you should be famous for blogging!

  3. I agree with Dustin on everything!
    Release the Kraken - hilarious!
    I need to try that deep dish pizza. I'm feeling hungry.
    OH yeah - great job Dustin taking pics of his cheesecake pop making - I am looking forward to see what the process was like for him.