Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Saddle Up

On Saturday Dustin and I entered a world unlike our own....it's called: The Country. Yep- these two Yanks traded our typical Saturday night plans, and our typical Saturday night clothes for an evening out at Saddle Ridge...in plaid!

Saddle Ridge is a local bar that specializes in all things country- which from my understanding is line dancing, mechanical bull riding, cigarette smoking, and hat wearing. We decided to partake in the first two....Luckily we weren't alone in our honky-tonk adventures. No sir-ri-bob. We had our whole Lumberjack family! (we were seriously referred to as such....apparently the patrons at the sports bar next door aren't as Country Lovin' as the Saddle Ridge folks).

And these two were like our Ma and Pa Kettle:

Please notice that Jeff is wearing a bolo. AND a Sheriff's badge.

So after showing off our swanky duds, it was time to DANCE. Now, I know almost nothing about line dancing, (excluding the electric slide....which should always be excluded if you ask me) but oh man do I love it. None of us knew the steps, but we jumped in, and tried to learn each one as fast as we could...There were a few songs that were WAY beyond our ability level, but for the most part, we were able to hold our own. It was helpful that there were plenty of "locals" that were happy to show us the ropes...Including a tiny Grandma didn't miss a step all night. (Nevermind the fact that she was adorable in her little denim skirt and high heel cowboy boots). Deb and I were by far the most fond of the whole night, but everyone humored us, and participated in the fun.

And by "participated" I mean, they took the bull by the horns. Literally.

It was $4 for a ride ($15 for the whole day...what a deal?) but I stood firm that they would have to pay me at least $40 to get me up there. So the riding was left to the tougher girls. And let me just say- they owned it.

Deb was a pro (she was proud to tell us of a previous 8-second ride...this surpassed it by far!)

Saddle Ridge- Deb rides the bull from Courtney Bowden on Vimeo.

And Meg took it in a stride when the bull operator tried to mess with her.

Saddle Ridge- Meg takes on the bull from Courtney Bowden on Vimeo.

All in all, it was a great night. We had a blast goofing off with each other, and it was fun to try something out of the ordinary. (the fact that dancing and costumes were involved was icing on my country-cake).

Oh- and I would be remiss if I didn't share the near "Jesus on a Piece of Toast" type of miracle that we encountered at our dinner beforehand. I call it- The Arrow Chip.

I contemplated selling it to the highest bidder...and then I ate it.

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  1. I want to be the grandma in the skirt and boots!! Sounds way more fun than feeding Theo to the goats at our barn dance! Columbus so pales in comparison!! We will have to raise the bar next time you come home (or raise the arrow chips)