Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Pittsburgh's five day forecast:

The average temperature is supposed to be around 50 degrees and here we are sitting with an average high of 41 degree... and that's an improvement from Sunday and Monday which had highs in the 30's!

I'm sick of it! Courtney is in Las Vegas at the moment where the forecast is this:

Spring is so close that I can almost taste it! So I'm declaring tomorrow a B.M.W.

Bob. Marley. Wednesday.

Bob Marley is synonymous with summer, beaches, sun, reggae and most importantly good feelings and "one love". Now Bob Marley didn't only sing about puppies and rainbows but I personally think that it's impossible to listen to Bob Marley and not feel better if only for a short time. I have to admit, I only have the Bob Marley Legends album. So the songs I like are pretty much his most popular songs, but so what? They're great songs and they instantly transport me back to Jamaica. I can't wait to sit on my deck with a Red Stripe basking in the warm weather and loving life 100 times more than I do when the high is 27 degrees.

Sometimes work stinks and you're stressed or just in a bad mood. I'm going to do my best to change that with a BMW. I won't listen to it all day, but Bob Marley will be in heavy rotation on the ipod. Ans because I love you guys so much, I provided some songs for your listening pleasure. Since we have tens of readers I'm pretty sure the servers won't get too jammed up with all of you trying to watch the video at the same time. So have at it!

One Love.

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  1. Hey Dustin... it turns out that my new ipod doesn't have any Bob Marley on it, so posting those songs really helped me enjoy BMW. It really brightened my day. Thanks for posting. I hope BMW catches on!