Saturday, April 2, 2011

Published Authors

When we started this blog over three years ago, I never dreamed our online rants would end up on the printed page...But lo and behold- Bowdenisms has made into not one, but three books. Witness:
Ok, ok, you got me- they're not real books. I mean, they are real, in that they have words, and pictures, and pages, and covers. But...I printed them myself, using an online service. So no, I still don't technically know the thrill of seeing my words in print, but I do have a permanent record for the last few years of Bowdenisms. You know, in case blogger gets bought out by aliens, or the internet is replaced by ummmm something awesome that we don't even know about.

I'm not sure if we'll look at them much, but it's nice to have a more tactile version of our web writings. And now we can boast that we've been published (even if it was self-published).

P.s. The books are from We gave it a shot because we had a Groupon, and I'm very satisfied with the results, but parts of the process that were a bit of a struggle. I had some issues with their program, and parts of my book were deleted....sad face!  I'll spare you the details of my drama but I have to mention that the phrase "I'm sorry you choose to feel that way, Courtney" was uttered at one point. Slightly offensive at the time, pretty much hilarious now. So it wasn't exactly a perfect first experience, but since this purchase I've made several more books with Blurb, and have had nothing but fabulous results. All's well that ends well!


  1. I'm sorry you choose to feel that way Courtney...

    Just wanted to repeat that. Cause its hilarious. (I mean it would be if it wasn't actually said to you)

  2. The finished product looks great! Sorry the journey getting there was a difficult one!

  3. they look AWESOME courtney!! great job!! i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do this... but i'm sure i'll just keep saying that and never do it :)
    i'm starting to make a photo book for the kids as a gift, for each year of their life (with bday party pics, and favorites from the year, etc.) - guess that's a start!

    can't believe they said "i'm sorry you choose to feel that way courtney..." haha... i'm sure you handled it amazingly.

    once again, love your blog!!!

  4. those photo books are super cool. i have been wanting to make some from our engagement shoot, wedding day, and honeymoon. now comes your turn for getting the "doing" part down better than me :)