Monday, April 25, 2011

Wouldn't it be nice: April

Finish What I Start.

OH...the irony of this month's resolution. How funny (sad) is it that after making such a goal, then I can't even drag myself online for a quick blog to explain it. But maybe that's why there's the need for the resolution in the first place. We just always seem to have a ton going on, and none of it ever quite gets done. I constantly have half completed projects laying around the dining (craft) room, the house is in a perpetual state of almost clean (ok, that might actually be exaggerating a bit), and there just seem to be loose ends everywhere. I thought that this resolution would encourage me to get off my bum a little bit more, and push to actually complete some of the stuff that is stuck "in progress". sort of has...

...but not that much...

I could make excuses, but bottom line, it just hasn't been month of non-stop productivity. Sure, we've made some progress- Dustin really got moving on the kitchen remodel, I cleaned out my closet and organized my room, but there is still no shortage of opportunities to check more things off our unofficial list of projects.

But no sense in dwelling on on what could have been...As the days get longer and warmer, I'm finding more of a spring in my step, and a bit more motivation to get moving on some things that would otherwise fall by the wayside.

So yes, a little bit of a slow start...but we're cruising now, and I'm excited to start crossing off some projects soon. (I figure if I keep it vague, no one can hold me to too much!)

What about you? Am I the only one with big dreams for Spring? Does time tend to get away from you this time of year? (or maybe all the months just seem to fly by...)


  1. I need to make this resolution as well...but sometimes its just way more fun to be distracted...

  2. I could also use some resolutions... I'm the same exact way. Mine will likely be a summer resolution. Moving soon :)