Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TV Free's the Way to Be

It's officially the first day of summer...a season I love more than life itself (which has always struck me as a strange phrase...I mean, without life- you wouldn't really get the chance to love something more, right?).

So in order to make the most of my very favorite season, I've decided to continue an unofficial tradition in the Bowden household- giving up TV. I didn't even realize that my periodic technology bans had become an annual event until a friend from work asked if I would be giving up TV again, because she wanted to try it, and needed an accountability partner. I hadn't thought about it much- but figured- why not? Last year's "blackout" occurred in August, a notoriously slow month for TV...but once I started thinking about it, I realized I could use some free time NOW...free time that as usual was getting eaten up subtly and quickly by the tube. So I hastily dubbed this year's event "TV Free Summer!" Vowing not only to turn of the telly in August- but to extend it through the entire summer season!!

But then...

Wikipedia got involved, where I learned that summer does indeed start June 21, but goes until...wait for it...September 23! I mean, I may have lofty goals, but I'm not a total masochist- I can't miss season premieres! So, I compromised the self-imposed sanctions, and have decided that I'll be TV free from now until Labor Day (the unofficial end to summer). And while we're making concessions- I should disclose that there will be several limited exceptions to the TV ban. (Hey- my game, my rules!) I will allow 2 shows to stay on my weekly viewing list- The Bachelorette (don't judge) and So You Think You Can Dance (obviously). Sure, that's probably "cheating" but in the grand scheme my goal isn't to be a stickler...it's to force myself into all the activities I love (or at least need) to do.

I've got books lined up, weekend trips planned, blog posts mentally drafted, and a slew of house projects that will no doubt keep me busy.

So what about you? Want to join in my quest to escape zombie land, and live it up this summer? I'll even grant you a guilty pleasure freebie show or two...

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  1. You can celebrate the end of your ban with another annual event...canfield fair hahaha

    im going to call you now. i miss you.