Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Hopes

Today's message at church was of course tailored to Father's Day (which at our church means propping Harleys up on stage, and passing out beef jerky to the men!), inclusive of adorable videos of kids saying what they love about their dads. But they also had a video of adults talking about their fathers- answering the question "What positive traits of your father do you hope to pass to your children?" The responses were varied, showing there are infinite ways to be a great dad...and they got me thinking about what traits I've learned from my fathers ('re jealous I have two aren't you?) that I hope to show my child.

To my Daddy:
I hope our baby has your wit (which I believe I was lucky enough to inherit a bit of), your impressive grasp of grammar, (including homophones and homonyms) and your long legs (ok...that's not really the point, but it's still a positive trait!) But beyond that, I grew up blessed to know that you loved me always went out of your way to spend time with me, and form special traditions between just us. I'm sure playing barbie dream house, or learning to do "straddle-saults" weren't your favorite activities, but you always made me feel like I was your favorite, and that you wouldn't trade our time together for anything. I hope I can teach our child as effortlessly as you always seemed to, and show them that I am endlessly proud of everything they do. I pray we form a one of a kind relationship that they look back on as fondly as I do my days growing up with you. Oh, don't worry- I'll carry the Kraft Dinner torch with pride.

To my Vern:
I know that though our baby might not have your genes (or your Grandpa Skinny Jeans!) he or she will definitely follow in the footsteps you created. You constantly impress me with your ability to listen, really listen, whether it's just a silly story, or something I need advice with. Your caring heart is always visible- I don't know someone who has ever doubted how you feel about them (and if they ever did, one of your infamous Christmas cards would surely make it clear). But I also adore that beyond the seriousness of how well you love those around you, you're not afraid to roll around on the floor, cross your eyes, and just be a kid. I pray that our child gets some of your Mr. Fix it knowledge, your appreciation for Muppets, and your infectious spirit.

To my Dustin:
I can already picture you cuddling our child (I may have taught you a thing or two there), singing songs, making up voices, and generally just loving the stuffing out of our sweet little baby bundle. I hope our child gets even one-tenth of your giving nature, your heart for others, and your desire to do...You have such a desire to be a good husband, a good dad, and a good man, and I know you'll show our child how to give something your all, always aiming to do what's right, even when it's not always fun. I've never met someone who allows Jesus to shine through them as plainly as you are able to, and I can't wait to watch our child look into your eyes and see the love of their Heavenly Father though the devotion of their earthly father.

Happy Father's Day to all my men. I love each of you uniquely and dearly.

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