Monday, July 11, 2011


There are few things I enjoy more than a good cheeseburger, a love that is only eclipsed by my desire to customize my food choices, so you can imagine that a gourmet burger joint, where you can build your own culinary masterpiece would suit me just fine.

Oh Burgatory, where have you been all my life? (Answer: In Waterworks, a fine, but underutilized-by-the-Bowdens, strip mall in Pittsburgh).

I had heard of this place before, but for some reason we had never been there. A few weeks ago, still knee deep (literally) in the kitchen renovation we decided it was time to get out and sample their mouth watering fare. We met up with friends, and endured the hour-and-a-half wait time (seriously) by perusing the nearby Barnes and Noble. I don’t typically endorse such an extreme wait, but I figured this place would be the Millenium Force of burgers…as in- worth it.

And OH. Was it ever.

It’s a simple concept- pick your bread, pick your meat, pick your toppings. They have just about everything you could ever want, and even provide some “already built” options for the less inspired diner, but our table was up for the creating challenge. After hemming and hawing over the endless combinations, we ticked the boxes, and awaited our feast.

When our platters arrived, it was time for more simple steps: Eat, eat, take photos, eat, unbutton your pants, and eat some more. Optional- laying your face down on table repeating “why………” when you inevitably overindulge.

It was super crazy delicious.

And as good as the burgers were (which was very), the other offerings stood up to them. The fries and chips were yummy, but the other star of the show were the milkshakes. Mmmmmmmmilkshakes. Each of us couples opted to share one (good choices)- selecting S’mores and Carmel Pretzel. They gave us 1/2" thick straws to slurp down the calorie rich decadence. And we happily did so.

Needless to say- I recommend it. And a food recommendation from a pregnant lady is probably worth following…believe me, I’ve done more than my share of taste-testing research lately.

(A bonus from our trip- When leaving we overheard another patron utter what is now Dustin’s 2nd favorite random quote, “Is it raining, or am I just blown?!”)

(if you want to know his #1 favorite drug-related overheard quote you’ll have to ask in person…this is a family blog…but let me just say it starts with a young man saying to his telephone companion- “You know that feeling when you’re high? Well that’s how you’re gonna feel…”)

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