Thursday, July 14, 2011


We got such great reactions to the tour of my dressing room, I was almost hesitant to tear it apart to create a space for baby’s room. But I do love a decorating project, and knew that as much as I loved my room now, I’d love re-imagining it for a wee-one even more.

May I present to you, our nursery:

What? You’re not impressed? I mean, sure, we don’t have a crib, but the baby can just curl up on that bench, right? I put some leftover pillows and a quilt/wall-hanging on it. Should be fine.

And no, we don’t have a changing table- but we do have a dresser just waiting for a bare baby bottom to rest upon its stained metal top. Or maybe the 1/3 of a dining table would serve as a good spot? After all, it is next to the radiator, and has some spare light bulbs hanging around on top…

And who needs a glider when you have an ikea arm chair (I think that’s what’s under all those pillows?) with non-matching ottoman?

Mobile? Nope.
Bookshelf? Nope.
Toy/supply/clothes storage? Nope/nope/nope.
Rug or Curtains? Nope and nope?

Left over Vogue posters, broken mirror and nomadic sewing machine? Check, check, Check! (and before I get a “it must be a girl!” comments- let me assure you none of these three items are staying. And now let the “she’s taking down the posters…it must be a boy!” comments ensue…)

So…..It’s safe to say we’re not quite ready for the baby’s arrival. But OH do we (I) have big plans!! Big big plans! (ok- regular sized plans…I don’t want you guys expecting too much). And as soon as our big/huge/overwhelming plans are finished in the kitchen, we’ll move upstairs to make some baby-magic (the decorating kind).

But until then, we do have this little gem:

A brand new dimmer switch. 85% installed by me (Dustin’s 15% was mostly reminding me emphatically and repeatedly to turn the power off before I began, or opened the package, or even looked at the wall.) I figure this way if the room turns out more like this “before” than a true “after” we’ll just dim the lights, and no one will have to know.


  1. I'm sure the nursery will be adorable and totally savvy all at the same time!

    Was that a very clever, if not obtuse way of announcing Baby Bowden's gender? Love it if it was!

  2. One of your funniest posts ever. Can't wait to see the real deal...but I guess I will have to paint it first!