Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let’s all go to the movies…

We did it! Two days late, but we did it!

I couldn’t quite pull off a backyard showing just yet, so we settled for the good old fashioned drive in theater. I looked up options in Pittsburgh and Ohio, and figured the 4th of July weekend would be the perfect chance to catch some cinema alfresco. (though the resolution was for June, I figure the timing is less important than the fact we actually did it!). I called up our friends Sarah and Matt, who were more than willing to be a part of our dream come true. (though Sarah did say I was “using her for the blog”. I agreed, and am not sorry.)

So we met up in a Lowe’s parking lot, piled our chairs, blankets, pillows, Coke Zero and Jim Bean (you know, movie staples) in my car, and rode off into the sunset. (Full disclosure- we were early to meet Sarah and Matt, so we used the time to complete a dry run of the car set up. Ten minutes and at least three failed configurations later, we had ourselves a winner.)

Our destination: South Drive-in Theater. i.e. the only drive in theater within 100 miles of Columbus.

The double feature choices were Transformers 3 + Super 8, or Cars 2 + Green Lantern. Super 8 is the only movie that Rotten Tomatoes gave more than a 35% rating, so we went for that combo. The rules for the theater were short…as in, there was 1: extinguish grills before dark. Who knew you could even have grills? (Sarah was a little worried alcohol wouldn’t be allowed, but we quickly found out that it was probably encouraged if anything.) However- the parking instructions took up, I kid you not, an entire 8.5”x11” page. (a page that also included such grammatical gems as “walkmans”- their quotes, not mine, and Boom Boxes- which apparently warrants capital letters, even in the middle of a sentence.) Once we finally understood the battleship like points- to the west of the center red post, organized by size, unless you plan to raise your hatch, then go up a category….We got a prime spot up front, chatted a bit, and it was time for the show.

I’ll save you extended ratings on the movies. Let’s just say what Transformers 3 lacked in quality, it (more than) made up for in length. And if you’ve seen The Goonies, E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, then you’ve pretty much seen Super 8 (though I would still say it’s worth watching. Not so much on the first flick). But the entire outing wasn’t really about the movies themselves. It was about the movie watching experience. And that part did not disappoint.


  • Fresh air
  • Surprisingly good picture and sound (especially when you crank your stereo and open the doors halfway to create an outdoor version of “surround sound”)
  • Comfy seating to get our mack on…I mean hold hands.
  • Intermittent fireworks shows nearby.
  • French fries
  • Price- $8 for adults, kids 12 & under $1 (22 week old fetuses- free!)


  • Sleepy pants (me) couldn’t quite make it to 2:30AM to see the conclusion of movie #2.
  • The “bathrooms”
  • A rather, shall we say, interesting clientele? Light up “grills” (like for your mouth) were popular. As were such classics as not wearing a shirt, and driving sleeping children home in the back of your pickup. Not sure if this was specific to this drive-in location or whether it’s a rather consistent cross over with the flea market crowd. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I mean…we were there!
  • Bugspray

Overall though, I loved it and plan to go in Pittsburgh soon. (I found out later Dustin had never been to a drive-in movie. The tragedy of a mis-spent youth!) But now it’s on to July’s resolution, which is the vague- “go on an adventure”. There’s no telling what we’ll come up with (or end up counting) for that goal.

Ps. Yes they played the legendary dancing animated snack bar promo. And yes I attempted to film it. But the footage just doesn't do it justice, and I gave up before the climax- Hot Dog jumps into Bun. You’ll just have to experience it live!


  1. sounds and looks so much fun courtney!!! i love the fun things that you always wind up doing. you're looking BEAUTIFUL as a preggo (still so tiny!). always enjoy your blog :)
    hello 22 week old fetus!!! can't wait to meet you someday :)

  2. I was wondering why you wouldn't try Dependable out here.... not far from me!
    My parents used to take my sister and I to the drive in, in two cars. They'd sit in one and we'd be in the other often screaming our heads off until we passed out from sleepiness.
    hmmm.... that's just interesting to read after I wrote that. drive in, in the summertime. kids locked in the car. yeah, parents of the year award to them!!!