Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baby Shower-palooza: Part 1

Are you ready for a non-stop onslaught of baby shower posts?! Well get set...because that's what I have coming your way.

After a month of parties and presents and basically spending every Saturday being completely spoiled, I've finally found time to upload all the pictures and share the details. I am beyond blessed to have a slew (yes, a slew!) of ladies in my life that went out of their way to "shower" me with love. I'm so thankful for the millions of details (and probably millions of hours) that went into all the fun surprises.

First up was the biggest surprise of them all- a work shower, with all my Visual ladies (and a couple brave guys that came for the snacks). Parties are a big deal in my office- nearly every week we gather in a conference room for a "surprise" birthday celebration. "Surprise" in quotes because the guest of honor is rarely, if ever, fooled by our bogus meeting requests asking them to come to a specific conference room that is solely used for singing and cake eating.

But not this, the crew went all out, reserving the fancy company "events room" and having my boss lure me there for a legitimate sounding meeting. I was tied up in meetings all afternoon, and I lamented to my boss that I was starving, but she had little sympathy and marched me to our next task. But as I rounded the corner, I saw my entire team had gathered to throw me a party! With food even!!

The theme was "crafty", a fun idea in honor of my job and the details were perfect. They made a
Baby Bowden banner, and everyone filled out a "Wishes for Baby" card full of predictions, and hopes for our baby-to-be. There were sweet sentiments, plenty of Steeler references, and perhaps the worst baby name suggestions I've ever heard. There was even a craft for people to do at the shower (of course) and I'm now the proud owner of a baby mustache/pacifier collection. Our baby is going to be one classy lady!

They had all my favorite foods...punch, coke zero, fried soft pretzels (trust me on those....mmmmmmmmmm), pie! And each one had a little "mom loves..." label. I was blown away that they knew me enough to think of all my favorite things- and went out of their way to get them all!

There were TONS of presents...ranging from adorable, to really cute, to perfect, to wonderful. (seriously, I'm so spoiled!) I got some practical stuff (like bottles and a Boppy- which had to be explained to one of the boys in attendance. He left soon after.), fun stuff (like decorate your own onesies), and fancy stuff (like a silver rattle and bowl, that people had to remind me not to eat pretzel cheese sauce out of...)

One of the other highlights though, was something that they didn't plan. Dustin, in his infinite craftiness (the sneaky kind, not the glitter-glue kind) knew about the shower, and planned a surprise Gender-Reveal activity to finally share our secret with the group. They had been begging to know the sex of the baby for weeks (probably since before we even knew it!), so Dus made a puzzle for everyone to do to find out. It was a bit harder than he might have suspected, but eventually they were able to piece together the "G" and they made quick work of it from there. It was so fun for me to see people so excited for us, and even funnier to find out that only two out of the twenty-some people had guessed the sex correctly!

It was the first in a string of super-special days for me, and I'm so thankful for co-workers who are actually more like great friends.

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