Sunday, October 30, 2011

Notes from (Possibly) Our Last Childless Weekend

Funny thing about having a never know when you're going to have the baby. So with our due date rapidly approaching, we realized this could be our last weekend without a little one around. We didn't make special plans, or purposely organize a Great Grown-up Outing...instead the weekend unfolded in a relaxed and spontaneous way- making it the perfect "last weekend" of all.

The highlights:
  • Having a semi-drunk Dustin come to pick me up in the alley at work after a happy hour with his team. I hop in and immediately remark- "You smell like booze! Should you be driving?" He looks at me with a sheepish grin, "Probably not!" We switched places.
  • Deciding on a whim to go out to dinner on the way home and texting a couple friends to meet up. (Oh- and the mac and cheese hot dog- that part was pretty great too!)

  • Laying on the bed reading "Wishes for Baby" from my mom's second graders, until we fell asleep, opting for a 15 minute power nap instead of cleaning before people came over.
  • Having friends over for "game night" which somehow turned into "hang out in the guest room playing random musical instruments night". We must have played and sung (and screamed and danced and laughed) for over an hour- belting out old Young Life favorites and cheesy songs from our "youth" (at one point we rocked No Pigeons- a song I had forgotten I even knew.)
Everyone took turns on the Cajon...and later regretted it
as their hands turned black and blue from overuse.

The dynamic YL club duo Lowe and Dustin led the session-
offering up standbys like Apologize, and Mr. Big.

Lindsey and Mike look serious...because they are seriously rocking.

The tambourine was a big hit of course, as Barlich jammed to Justin Bieber,
butchering the Ludacris portion- "When I was thir-teen, I had my first LUV..."
  • Learning to play Puno- a made-up Uno variation that involves a lot of yelling and hitting yourself in the face. (and a rule that I kept misunderstanding, resulting in me screaming "Cougar Town" instead of "Cougar Power" and being mocked by the group).
  • Putting on the All Day album at a ridiculous volume until 2AM when we finally decided to call it a night.
  • Sleeping in deliciously late.
  • Going out to "breakfast" at noon. (Note the belly can justbarely still fit in a booth. If I'm sitting up straight. Before pancakes get involved.)

  • Reading, blogging, napping, and watching TV. all day. Allllllll day.
  • Going on a real live movie theater date instead of holing up in front of OnDemand. (We saw 50/50 which I fully expected to cry through, but I didn't anticipate welling up in the previews. Oh Tom Hanks, you get me every time.)
  • Cleaning, washing diapers, packing a hospital bag, and installing batteries in various devices, in preparation for baby (ok, none of that was really a highlight...but it did need to get done).
  • Even more reading, mixed with some football watching, and photo uploading.
It has been a delightful weekend. I don't remember the last time we had so little planned, but had so much fun. I know our little girl will add a whole new dimension of fun to our lives, but for now I'm thankful for a few days with my husband. He's pretty great. Makes me want to have his babies.

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