Thursday, December 15, 2011

Santa Baby

Last Sunday, we woke up early for some festive family fun. You see, there's a little penguin at our house who is working on her Christmas list, so we needed to bring her to the man in charge- Santa! Luckily, our office has a connection, and had set up a breakfast with him, and Ms. Claus.

But before she could meet jolly old St. Nick, of course we had to get her dolled up in some winter duds...

As you can see she was overwhelmed by excitement.

But when we finally got to our destination (the hotel for the breakfast was in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, which might as well be the North Pole) she perked up a bit...

The banquet room was pretty busy- apparently this Santa guy is kind of a big deal- so we got in line right away to take advantage of her good mood. I was willing to skip breakfast if she had a meltdown. But miss a chance at a photo op? Not a chance. Piper was content to show off to our coworkers while we waited, and even let me pop a headband on her before we got to the front.

Visiting Santa was never a big tradition for me growing up, but I know enough about it to know that sitting the lap of some some stranger in a suit is enough to make most kids freak out. I hoped maybe Piper was young enough to not realize the potential terror of the situation, and allow for a few cute pics.

We got the obligatory "I have no idea what's happening" photo (her current face of choice).

But my favorite is this gem:

"Santa, you're boring me...give me some presents and lets get this over with..."

(and can we talk about that Santa? Not exactly the most realistic St. Nick I've ever seen, but what he lacked in authenticity, he made up for in friendliness. During our turn, he must have said Merry Christmas about a hundred times- I didn't have the heart to tell him Piper couldn't care less...)

But she didn't cry, so we took it as a win, and moved on to breakfast...With a few more pics of course:

And we even got a family portrait in front of a tree...(she was even less enthused by this if you can imagine, but you can't blame her, by the end, she was a sleepy polar bear cub.)

Merry 10 days 'til Christmas!

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  1. Piper looks adorable in her holiday wear and you, Miss Courtney, have a lovely new mother glow as well! Love your hair, it really is enough to make me green with envy.

    So cool that your work hosted Santa (even if you did have to drive to the North Pole to see him). My husband's former work place always had a night where the kids came and one of the employees dressed up as Santa and Mrs. Claus and handed out a little present to each child and of course, let them take a picture too. Katie was just a few weeks old her first trip to see Santa also (love a November baby!) and it was a special memory for me even if she felt mostly detached disdain for it!

    Hope Piper's first Christmas is a blessed and memorable one!