Monday, December 12, 2011

Twelve Dates of Christmas

Are you ready for December's resolution?

For our new tradition, Dustin and I will be going on 12 Dates of Christmas!

I saw this on another blog and I love the idea. The details are pretty much wide open, but my goal is for Dustin and me to set aside time to spend together during the holiday season (Thanksgiving to New Years). Life has been a little nuts around here, and it's easy for Miss Piper to take over all of our time (and conversations, and energy, and money, and...) I thought it would be good for us to make an effort to keep some of the romance, spontaneity, and simple fun from our pre-Piper days. Sure, the little bug will have to tag along with us most of the time, and sometimes our dates won't actually involve going anywhere, but I'm still looking forward to having some special time with Dustin in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the season.

So far we've logged at least 5 dates, if you count casual lunches, fast food dinners, and one baby-free trip to the grocery store (I argue that in the early days with an infant, these things count). I'm hoping that as we get a bit more comfortable carting the little one around (or *gasp* leaving her with someone else!), our dates will get a bit more ambitious. We've got a few fun things planned- a trip to the Strip District, a night out for sushi, and maybe even a holiday party or two. It doesn't really matter what we do, it's just about being intentional, being present, and being together.

I think it'll be a good for us to end each year with an extra special focus on our relationship. Because as much as we love our little girl, we want our marriage to be the foundation of our family, and are committed to making the effort to put each other first. As the years progress, I know our holidays will continue to be filled with traveling, and presents, and crafts, and pageants, and cookies: all the fun and festive trappings of traditional Christmases. But the first, and most important of our family traditions will be to love each other.
Times twelve.

Times infinity.

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