Thursday, January 19, 2012


Birthday wake up call:

Birthday note:

Birthday yoga:

(her gift to me was sleeping the entire class)

Birthday lunch:

Birthday nails:

(For those of you into that sort of thing, I used:
American Apparel Summer Peach, OPI Designer De Better,
and Sephora by OPI Only Gold For Me- )

Birthday smiles:

Birthday flowers:

Birthday present:

Birthday Mac and cheese:

Birthday hip hop:

Birthday Facebook:

Birthday Beer:

Birthday date:

Birthday hats:

Birthday wishes:

Birthday love:


  1. Best birthday blog post ever.

    Perhaps its the cute baby or perhaps its just the way Bowdenisms rolls...either way, loved it.

    Love the "Pi" nickname. Is that how you spell the mathematical pi? I don't see a symbol for pi on my keyboard. And really I'm not a "pi" person, I'm more of a "pie" person, if you catch my drift. But I love the use of the symbol in the birthday note.

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy- you're the sweetest...I think I'm going to invite you over for a monthly "Make Courtney Feel Good About Herself Day"...Sound good? I'll supply the guac, so there's something in it for you too! ;)
    And yes- that's the symbol for Pi. Dustin is a math guy, so he gets a kick out of her nickname. Personally I like all things pi or pie!

    And molly- soon! very soon! Now that I'm nursing I appreciate every little drink -they are rare treats!